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Commercial Cleaning Services in Brampton

Commercial Cleaning Services in Brampton

In the modern world, having a clean and safe environment is crucial. With Arelli commercial cleaning in Brampton, your business can count on a dependable and immaculate cleaning service with over two decades of experience. We take all necessary safety procedures while working to keep your commercial space spotless and devoid of dirt, grime, and odours.

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Flexible Commercial Cleaning Services in Brampton

No Term Contracts or Cancellation Fees

Our goal is to serve you at a level that you actually want to keep, not one you're forced to keep. We don't believe in penalizing you through cancellation fees either.

For every cleaning service, our cleaners put a lot of effort into their work because they take pride in it. Our "no term contracts or cancellation fees" policy provides you the freedom to stop, halt, reduce, or increase the frequency of the commercial cleaning service you receive at any moment, keeping with our dedication to flexible service. With Arelli, you also have the freedom to consult with cleaning specialists who can help you plan cleaning services based on the seasonality of your company. For instance, car dealerships and garden centres both experience increased business in the spring. In the summer, cleaning for private schools typically comes to a halt, and before the peak flu season, medical facilities may require additional services.

Term Contracts

No Term Contracts or Cancellation Fees

Our goal is to serve you at a level that you actually want to keep, not one you're forced to keep. We don't believe in penalizing you through cancellation fees either.

24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

A lot of our work happens after business hours. That's why we make sure to be available whenever you need us.

Stop and Go Service

Stop-and-Go Service

Effortlessly suspend, pause, reduce, or increase your service as your needs change, especially in an ever-changing workplace.

Custom Packages

Fully Custom Packages

We work with you to create a custom solution that effectively meets the unique cleaning needs of your facility.

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A clean and healthy facility is of paramount importance in our current environment. Arelli will make sure your commercial space in Brampton is spotless from top to bottom and everywhere in between. We take all safety precautions while striving to ensure that your workplace is clean and free of germs, grime, and odors.

how we can help

We offer commercial cleaning services to help keep your commercial facility safe, healthy, and beautiful.

Regular Commercial Cleaning

Our regular commercial cleaning services include:

  • Sweeping
  • Mopping
  • Dusting within 7’ height
  • Garbage takeout
  • Washrooms Disinfection and Sanitization
  • Surface Cleaning

Specialty Commercial Cleaning

Our specialty cleaning services include:

  • Professional Disinfection
  • Strip and Wax
  • Carpet Cleaning and Shampoo
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Power Washing
  • Window Cleaning (Interior and Exterior up to 7’ high)
  • High dusting (Above 7’ height)
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Post Construction Cleanup
  • Supply Procurement (Paper Towels, Soap, Toilet Paper, Garbage Bags, etc.)

Commercial Cleaning Services Tailored to Your Business

No matter how big or small your facility is, whether your premises include industrial facilities or medical offices, Arelli gives you access to our specialized and personalized services. Our cleaning industry specialists create a custom strategy that satisfies all your needs while reducing total costs to fit within your budget. For instance, based on the size of your facility, the services you need, and the frequency of those services, we will provide you with a quotation. As a result, you can always start modestly and later, enjoy the advantages of add-on services.

The typical facility types that we work with when providing commercial cleaning services are listed below.

Office Cleaning in Brampton

With cleaning services that are based on your requirements, Arelli is committed to keeping your office space clean and secure. We recognize how important it is to you to have a routine for cleaning the office that includes, but is not limited to, desks, windows, floors, and other furnishings. Because of this, our qualified team of experts works with you to raise office standards by giving your employees a spotless, hygienic, and safe workplace.

Recommended office cleaning services – Sweeping, mopping, garbage takeout, dusting, disinfection

Medical Office Cleaning

To maintain a clean and hygienic environment, medical office facilities like clinics, doctor's offices, and dental offices need thorough commercial cleaning services. Patients and other visitors expect a medical office site that inspires confidence and reflects the strict hygiene and sanitation requirements of the medical industry when they enter your facility. It increases trust while also demonstrating the medical facility's professionalism and efficiency.

Recommended medical office cleaning services – Sweeping, mopping, garbage takeout, cleaning supplies, carpet shampoo, steam cleaning, disinfection

Industrial Facility Cleaning in Brampton

Industrial facilities frequently stock large pieces of waste-producing gear and equipment that need constant maintenance. To keep things moving along smoothly and to keep workers safe, your industrial plant needs to have a cleaning program. Clouds of dust, sticky flooring, filthy windows, and unhygienic conditions won't help your facility in terms of efficiency or speed of work. With Arelli, facility managers can oversee and guide the cleaning-related practices and solutions that may occasionally be needed at your industrial site.

Recommended industrial facility cleaning services – Sweeping, mopping, steam cleaning, power cleaning, high dusting

School Cleaning

As schools are places where kids are frequently and deliberately encouraged to get dirty and learn via touch and interaction with numerous objects in the playgrounds and over different surfaces, it is important to have a cleaning program that keeps the environment healthy, clean, and safe. Allowing children to be uninhibited in an area where they may freely express themselves and be physically active—often on the floor—is key to improving the quality of the time they spend in daycares and schools.

Recommended school cleaning services – Sweeping, mopping, steam cleaning, power cleaning, high dusting, window cleaning, cleaning supplies, disinfection

Warehouse Cleaning

Your warehouse will function as it is intended to: put out products swiftly, efficiently, and error-free, only if you keep it clean and organized. It is important to keep a facility that houses inventory and employees clean, both for the staff's health and the product’s condition. With Arelli, you get the expertise of thorough professionals who have experience in designing cleaning programs for large-scale warehousing facilities all over Canada.

Recommended warehouse cleaning services – Sweeping, power cleaning, high dusting, cleaning supplies

Restaurant Cleaning

The cleanliness of a restaurant will catch customers' attention right away when they enter your premises. The difference between receiving five stars and two can readily be explained by messy floors, food debris, dust, and other typical restaurant problems. A thorough restaurant cleaning program is the only way to make sure that your customers can concentrate on enjoying their meals rather than how much their shoes stick to the floor.

Recommended restaurant cleaning services – Sweeping, mopping, steam cleaning, power cleaning, high dusting, window cleaning, cleaning supplies, disinfection

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the cost of office cleaning calculated?

The cost of office cleaning depends on four things:
  1. Traffic in the office, i.e., how many people work or visit the office
  2. Frequency of cleaning, i.e., how frequently you want the office cleaned
  3. Size, i.e., the square footage of the office or the number of rooms in the office
  4. The time of cleaning, i.e., when you want the office cleaning services. For example, after hours cleaning can be cheaper and more effective. Also, it doesn’t interfere with your office operations.

How much does it cost to clean my office?

Weekly cleaning service for facilities smaller than 2,000 square feet starts at $295 per month. If you want to have an idea of how much it costs to get regular cleaning services for your facility, get an online quote with the help of our digital assistant, Astro. It will take less than a few minutes to get an accurate and affordable quote for office cleaning in Brampton.

Do you have emergency cleaning services?

Yes. Depending on the situation and crew availability, we can dispatch crews as soon as a few hours or at most 24 hours. Rush service charges may apply.

How soon will I get cleaning services once I sign up for office cleaning?

Regular service can start as soon as two business days after signup.

Do I need a contract for regular office cleaning services?

Yes, but you can cancel at any time without penalty.

Can I change my cleaning service whenever I want?

Yes, you can suspend/change scope, or cancel and restart at any time.

Why hire a commercial cleaning service?

A commercial cleaning service helps maintain a safe, hygienic, and inviting business environment for day-to-day operations. By hiring a commercial cleaning service, businesses can save time and reduce liabilities that may arise from unsafe and dirty business premises.

What commercial cleaning service do you provide?

We offer regularly scheduled office and commercial cleaning services as well as window cleaning, carpet cleaning, power washing, restroom and surface sanitizing, strip, seal, and waxing of floors, and fogging, among other services, on demand.

What are the locations or premises where you provide cleaning services?

We provide cleaning services for offices, medical facilities, warehouses, industrial facilities, manufacturing facilities, daycares and schools, gyms, restaurants, and retail stores.

Do you provide cleaning services for restaurants?

Yes, we provide cleaning services for restaurants.

Do you provide commercial cleaning services for medical offices?

Yes, we provide commercial cleaning services for medical offices.

Do you provide commercial cleaning services for schools?

Yes, we provide commercial cleaning services for schools as well as daycares.

Do you provide commercial cleaning services for hotels?

Yes, we office all our specialty commercial cleaning services for hotels.

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