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Arelli Provides Regular, Specialty, and Customized Commercial Cleaning Services at Competitive Rates

Arelli is the award-winning choice for all your commercial cleaning needs in Toronto and the GTA. We recognize the critical importance of a clean and hygienic workplace in driving your business's success. That's why we proudly offer a wide array of cleaning solutions meticulously designed to cater to your unique requirements.

Whether you seek regular upkeep, specialized services, or tailor-made cleaning plans, our team of highly trained professionals exudes excellence from start to finish. With our cost-effective rates and unwavering commitment to surpassing your expectations, you can rely on Arelli to maintain an immaculate workspace that fosters a warm and inviting atmosphere for your employees and clients alike.

Arelli’s Same Service Price Match Guarantee

We price-match all our main competitors’ pricing for the same level of services. This guarantee ensures that our customers always receive the best value for their money. We also strive to ensure that our customers receive the best possible customer service, providing them with a friendly, reliable, and stress-free experience.

Are you unsure which quote is the best one after getting quotes from several companies?
At Arelli Office Cleaning, we believe in being completely transparent about our pricing structure. We understand that knowing how we arrive at the price for your job is important to you, and we want to ensure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

When it comes to pricing, we take several factors into consideration. Here are some key elements that influence our pricing structure:

Scope of the Job: The complexity and size of the job play a significant role in determining the price. Larger projects or those requiring specialized skills may be priced higher due to the additional resources and time involved.

Materials and Equipment:
If your job requires specific materials or equipment, the cost of these items will be factored into the overall price. We strive to provide you with the best quality materials and equipment, ensuring a satisfactory outcome.

Labour and Manpower:
The number of workers required and the amount of time spent on the job are key factors in determining the pricing. Skilled labour and specialized expertise may also contribute to the overall cost.

Urgent or time-sensitive projects may incur higher costs due to the need for expedited services or additional resources to meet the deadline.

Customization and Personalization:
If your job requires customization or personalization, such as unique designs or specific requirements, it may impact the pricing.

Depending on the location of your project, additional costs such as transportation or accommodation may be included in the price.

Market Factors:
Market conditions, such as supply and demand, can influence pricing. We strive to offer competitive rates while maintaining high-quality standards.

It's important to note that our pricing structure is designed to be fair and reflective of the value we provide. We aim to deliver exceptional service, expertise, and craftsmanship, ensuring that your investment is worthwhile.

We are always available to discuss our pricing in detail and address any questions or concerns you may have. Our goal is to provide you with a transparent and trustworthy pricing structure, so you can make an informed decision based on your budget and requirements. Feel free to reach out to us for a detailed breakdown of how we arrived at the price for your specific job. We are here to assist you every step of the way.

How will you know about the quality of our cleaning?

Ask for a complimentary sample clean of a dedicated area of your workplace. This sample will help us determine the level of cleaning needed and give you an opportunity to assess our performance. We are confident that you will be happy with our service.

What makes Arelli special?

We’re neither a one-man show, nor a franchise, nor the biggest cleaning company in the world. We’re a dedicated team of people who always try our best to be better than the rest. Our many service awards speak for themselves. We are known as the Cleaners Who Care® due to many factors, including:

A Proven Track Record with Award-Winning Service
Our company has earned many awards as we have served our community. Getting a Consumer Choice Award took us ten years, and it is something we intend to keep.

Hiring and Retaining Only the Best Team Members
Exceptional service is built upon the foundation of exceptional individuals. Being an independent business allows us to prioritize the fair compensation of our team members and nurture long-lasting partnerships. Our approach revolves around fostering respect and trust.

Customer Service As You Like It
We offer a variety of options for your convenience and support. You can choose to have our field specialists available on-site, or our friendly Canadian agents ready to assist you over the phone or via email.
Additionally, we have our very own smartphone app that you can use for easy access to our services. If you prefer a more tech-savvy approach, we also have an AI chatbot called Astro, who is here to chat and help you out. Feel free to pick the option that suits you best.

We Offer Flexible Scheduling With No Strings Attached
Our service offers complete flexibility, allowing you to add, remove, change, or stop at any time with no limitations. We believe in serving and retaining our customers through exceptional service, rather than enforcing binding contracts. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are here to accommodate your needs.

One-Stop Shopping Saves Time for Everyone
We're pleased to offer a wide range of services to meet all your office cleaning and janitorial needs. In addition to our standard cleaning services, we also provide restocking of washroom supplies, floor care, disinfection, and other specialty services upon request. Whatever your specific requirements may be, we're here to help ensure a clean and welcoming environment for your workplace. Just let us know how we can assist you.

Calculate the Office Cleaning Cost Online

Now is the time to talk to Astro about getting a free online office cleaning quote.

Unless your facility is very large or complex, Astro, our online chatbot, can give you an approximate price for commercial cleaning services. Just answer a few questions about the approximate size, number of employees, and frequency of cleanings.

Our Competitive Pricing Model

Below, you can find a table that provides a high-level view of our office cleaning pricing:

Approximate price/Square Feet
Cleanings per
/ week
Square feet up to:

*Cleaning quotes are not only a function of frequency and square footage. There are other factors that go into pricing, which vary by location and result in a range of prices. The lower price indicated is the least expensive scenario for simple cleaning jobs, and the upper price would relate to more complex jobs.

Accurate commercial cleaning pricing really needs a professional cleaning company to visit your facility to understand the exact requirements, cleaning standards, and budgetary constraints.

Contact Us for Accurate Pricing

We take great pride in offering competitive rates for our commercial cleaning services in Toronto and the GTA. To ensure accuracy, our representatives are available for on-site consultations, providing you with a specific quote.

Whether you require a one-time cleaning or a regular package, our services are available year-round for your convenience. With flexible schedules, we can tailor the best commercial cleaning package to meet your specific needs. We're here to provide reliable and efficient cleaning solutions that exceed your expectations.

How Is a Commercial Cleaning Cost or Office Cleaning Cost Calculated?

Calculating the cost of commercial cleaning or office cleaning services can be a complex task that involves considering several factors. It is essential to have a clear understanding of the scope of work, the size of the facility, the frequency of cleaning, and any additional services required.

By taking these factors into account, a comprehensive and accurate cost estimate can be provided. In this section, we will explore the key considerations and factors involved in calculating the cost of commercial cleaning or office cleaning services, providing you with valuable insights to help you make informed decisions for your cleaning needs.

Our salesperson will ask you for information about some key areas that will go into the calculation of costs. Here are some examples of questions they may ask:


Floor type: Whether carpet, marble, stone, vinyl, tile, wood, hardwood, concrete, another material, or any combination of the above, it takes different types of chemicals and different types of care to ensure that each of them is treated properly. In addition, it is important to take into account how much furniture is covering these surfaces.


Space distribution: How is the square footage distributed? For example, how many floors of a building are involved and if there are two or more buildings. In a case where more than one building is involved, how far apart are the buildings? Are other buildings accessed via an internal hallway, or is outdoor walking involved?


Garbage: How is the garbage disposed of? Are there special requirements for hazardous or organic materials?

Recycling: What is the recycling protocol?


Do we need auto scrubbers to clean large surfaces? Are there special chemical applications required for cleaning in certain areas? Are degreasers warranted for highly stained areas?


What kind of traffic is the area exposed to, and how much dust and debris exists and/or moves in and out of that environment? For example, an office construction site may have workers walking in and out with muddy and snow covered boots after being exposed to sawdust that ends up on the horizontal surfaces. Many of the places we clean are offices attached to warehouses or manufacturing spaces where office staff and line workers walk in and out.


How much glass is in the office, and what purpose does it serve? Imagine a staircase with glass railings in a high-end fashion store or a lawyer’s office, and the smidges that follow.


How many areas are set aside for food consumption, and what is their makeup? Consider that cafeterias for production line workers take a regular beating every break and lunch time with multiple microwaves and refrigerators, whereas kitchen areas in offices may take less time to clean.

Our Goal Is to Help You Achieve Your Business's Goals by Better Understanding Your Needs

As you can see, every business has specific requirements for cleaning staff to consider. It's important to have the right cleaning staff with the right experience and equipment to meet all of a company's needs.

It's also important to create a cleaning schedule that is tailored to the specific needs of the business. Regular inspections and reviews are conducted to ensure standards are being met.

Arelli prides itself on working efficiently, so gathering this information from the customer is vital to accurately scheduling and costing the services. And when your business needs change, Arelli will change with you; one of the benefits of choosing Arelli is flexible scheduling.

Arelli is a Multi-Award-Winner!

Three Best Rated

We are proud to announce that Arelli Commercial Cleaning has been named one of the three Best Commercial Cleaning Services in Brampton and Vaughan by Three Best Rated®.

Three Best Rated® lists Arelli Cleaning in this category, stating, “We would like to thank you for providing consistent, high-quality service in your area of business. Our business analyst team has selected and updated your business based on our rigorous 50-point inspection.”

Arelli has been featured regarding several of the points:

Exact Services

The exactness of the services offered by the business relative to their core industry.

Special Features

Complementary services that have been offered by the businesses to its customers as a sign of good gesture. For professionals, it could be offering a free case study, a free case evaluation, etc.

Service Diversification

Variety of services offered by businesses related to their field.

Consumer Choice Award

Arelli Cleaning has been awarded the Consumer Choice Award 2023 as York Region’s Best Commercial Cleaning/Janitorial Services Company! Our team has worked hard to consistently provide high-quality cleaning services and products, and we are delighted to be recognized for our efforts. We strive to make every customer experience a positive one, and this award is a testament to our commitment.

Consumer Choice Award is the only award organization to utilize statistically supported independent research. Using this method, Arelli has been awarded as a clear winner in commercial cleaning.

lady cleaning the floorlady cleaning the floor

Service Excellence Beyond Your Expectations

When it comes to commercial cleaning, we believe in delivering a service that goes beyond your expectations. We take pride in our attention to detail and our commitment to providing a thorough clean for every corner of your space. Our team of professionals is trained to identify and address areas that often go unnoticed, ensuring that your space shines like never before.

Unlike other commercial cleaning companies, we prioritize the quality of our service over anything else. We understand that first impressions matter, and we strive to create a clean and welcoming atmosphere for your business. Whether you require a daily touch-up or a deep clean, our flexible cleaning packages are tailored to meet your specific needs.

One of the things that sets us apart from the rest is our dedication to time management. We work in efficient rotations to minimize disruptions to your daily operations and ensure that our cleaning services are carried out seamlessly. We value your time and understand the importance of a clean and organized space for maximum productivity.

Competitive Pricing is Only the Beginning

Competitive Pricing is Only the Beginning

To get started with Arelli Commercial Cleaners, simply give us a call at 905-553-6545 or send us an email at Our friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to assist you and answer any questions you may have. Our chatbot, Astro, is also available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. We also offer the option for you to schedule a sample clean or make an appointment for service.

Choosing Arelli Commercial Cleaners is choosing the best for your business. Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and competitive rates make us the ideal choice for all your commercial cleaning needs.

Don't settle for less; contact us today and experience the Arelli difference.

man mopping the floorman mopping the floor
wHY Arelli?

Our #1 goal is ensuring your satisfaction

Enhanced Quality Assurance
Enhanced Quality Assurance

Our unique 8-step QA process uses a dedicated electronic logbook so that each clean gives you both what you paid for and what you asked for.

24/7 Customer Support
24/7 Customer Support

Our team is always at your disposal and ready to help, whether that means answering questions, adjusting service, or addressing concerns.

Vetted Cleaning Crew
Vetted Cleaning Crew

Our cleaning staff is thoroughly vetted to provide you the peace of mind of knowing that your facility is secure. Low turnover means high trust.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the same cleaning crew member be assigned to your location each time?
Yes! We want you to be able to build trust and confidence in our professional cleaning services. That means we do everything we can to maintain a highly consistent clean, including by assigning the crew member most familiar with your facility and its needs to conduct your cleaning. Over time, you’ll get to know the cleaning crew as an extended member of your team, giving you a better understanding of what to expect.
What determines the cost of professional cleaning services?
The two main factors in the pricing of professional cleaning services are the travel cost of getting to the facility and the actual time spent at the facility to conduct the cleaning. This is why searching for office cleaning services near your facility is an important way to ensure reasonable prices. With Arelli, you can also choose to have your cleaning services occur on a custom schedule that works for your budget, whether that means weekly or monthly.
What do commercial cleaning services entail?
When you choose to proceed with commercial cleaning services for your facility, you can expect a deep clean during the initial visit. After that, each visit will involve a thorough cleaning of all visible surfaces, as well as those spaces that are often neglected. Commercial janitorial services can also include steam cleaning of carpets, pest control, and more.