Consumer Choice Awards
February 27, 2023

Consumer Choice Awards

We are proud to announce that Arelli Cleaning has been awarded the Consumer Choice Award 2023 as York Region’s Best Commercial Cleaning/Janitorial Services Company! As the only winner in the category in York Region, this title bestowed upon us represents a particularly high honour. Our team of dedicated professionals has worked hard to provide high-quality cleaning services and products, and we are delighted to be recognized for our efforts. We strive to make every customer experience a positive one, and this award is a testament to our commitment. We wish to thank Consumer Choice Awards for their support.

This prestigious title has been awarded in recognition of our passion as Cleaners Who CareⓇ. We take pride in our professionalism and reliability and strive to continuously improve our services. Our team is passionate about creating clean and healthy environments for our clients, and we only use products of the highest quality. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to delivering superior results and providing the best possible service to our customers. We are proud to be recognized for our hard work and commitment to excellence.

We recognize that every customer is different and has their own specific cleaning requirements. That is why we provide customized solutions tailored to meet those needs. Whether you need a thorough one-time deep clean or regular maintenance, our team is here to help. We prioritize customer satisfaction, so you can be sure that you will be getting the highest quality service every time.

We feel incredibly privileged to have been chosen to receive this award. We are thankful to our customers for showing their loyalty and trust in our services. We will continue to strive to provide the best quality cleaning products and services to our customers in the years to come.

What Are the Consumer Choice Awards?

Established in 1987, the Consumer Choice Award is dedicated to recognizing business excellence in small and medium sized businesses. Consumer Choice Award is the only organization in North America that uses independent market research to determine brand reputation, customer satisfaction, and business excellence. Their Four-Step Ranking Process identifies the top-ranked service providers and businesses for each category of business. This process provides consumers with the best options available.

Their research considers all aspects of company performance, ensuring that awards are given to businesses that truly deserve them. Consumer Choice Award is the only organization in North America that uses this process to reward excellence in business. Their awards are a testament to the hard work of small and medium sized businesses, and we are thrilled to be recognized for this accomplishments.

Consumer Choice Award recipients are not selected by a panel of judges but are instead chosen by the Consumer.

The Consumer Choice Award is the only award in North America that truly reflects the opinions of consumers and businesses in the markets it represents. With award-winners spread across different metropolitan areas in North America, consumers can benefit from choosing superior products and services offered by Consumer Choice Award recipients in their communities.

What's more, the award is a symbol of trust and quality, as it is based on the opinions of real customers. The Consumer Choice Award, which defines trust and quality, is a beacon of confidence. Recognizing excellence and true customer opinion across North America, it is a dependable source when choosing products or services.

The award reflects real-life experiences and honest feedback -- valuable data that can help direct consumers in unfamiliar markets. Reliable and based on proven results, their distinct evaluations can point towards optimal providers.

Plus, winners of the award have earned a reputation among consumers who trust them to deliver outstanding service every time. The award stands as an assurance that customers can save time, effort, and money when selecting a dependable  provider.

It's more than just an announcement -- by choosing to engage with Consumer Choice Award winners, consumers get certain satisfaction from knowing they are in good hands.

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