How To Prevent Slip And Fall Accidents In The Workplace With Commercial Cleaning
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June 11, 2021

How To Prevent Slip And Fall Accidents In The Workplace With Commercial Cleaning

You may be focused on doing business and growing your customer base, but employee and client safety should also be top of mind. Not only because it’s morally the right choice, but also you could end up making expensive insurance claims if you don’t mitigate the risk of falling.

But how do you prevent falls? One important way is to ensure there are no tripping hazards in areas where people often congregate in the workplace. That also includes bunched-up carpets or untreated floors, which can be tended to with the help of office cleaning companies. Regular steam cleaning can also help extend the life of your carpeted flooring. Winter months in particular might increase how slippery mats become at entrances, so cleaning or swapping those out for dry ones is important too.

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Mopping Up Neglected Areas

It’s also important to have office cleaning services in Vaughan do some routine maintenance for you. That means the team will come in regularly to mopping and sweeping to remove any slick surfaces that could increase risk of wiping out. While you might have done a “quick fix” to wipe up a spilled drink, for example, there may be residue that professional office cleaning services in Mississauga can find and eliminate.

Office cleaning companies that consider safety will mark off an area that has just been mopped with signage to keep people away from it until it has dried.

Limiting Your Liability

There are other reasons to consider office cleaning services in Vaughan: if someone does fall, you can point to the fact you have tended to your floors with the help of a professional.

Having office cleaning companies do work as part of your slip/fall management plan is key, but it’s also a requirement for employers to provide a safe environment for staff and customers. At the least, you’ll have an employee who is hurt and cannot work, or get a negative review online from a customer. But not having a prevention plan can negatively impact your business reputation, as well as result in higher insurance rates.

Having regularly scheduled visits can reduce falling hazards, while also eliminating germs and unpleasant scents from all surfaces. Also, having office cleaning services in Mississauga do the work means you’re not wasting staff time with other duties such as mopping.

Find out more from Arelli Cleaning about how office cleaning services in Vaughan can help keep your workplace sanitized and disinfected while also reducing the chance of slipping.

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