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Why Should You Get Professional Carpet Cleaning Every Year?
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June 10, 2021

Why Should You Get Professional Carpet Cleaning Every Year?

Getting commercial carpet cleaning for the carpets in your office or facility cleaned on an annual basis is very important for the overall morale and health of your employees and coworkers. Carpets can be host to all kinds of germs and bacteria that can cause allergies to flare up and even colds and other illnesses to circulate throughout the office. It might not be something that’s seen easily, but all the germs on your shoes that get tracked in on the carpet sink deep into the fibres. Your office cleaners should be doing a thorough clean of the carpets on a yearly basis at least, as a result.

Not only will it keep your carpets fresh longer and have them replaced much less often, it will also keep your clients and employees happy.

Why? Because clients are more likely to visit a clean establishment and much more likely to create an ongoing business relationship with a company that takes pride in the cleanliness of their office space. Getting proper commercial office cleaning and having professional janitorial services is a very good step in achieving this goal.

Carpets stains become permanent over time, as they are stepped over and have time to be absorbed. It is much more cost effective to perform professional floor care for your carpets and perform carpet cleaning once a year and keep the same carpets for years longer than you would do otherwise.

Replacing carpets is an expensive and a big undertaking as well. It could mean that your office would be under construction for several days or even closed while the work is being done and furniture moved while the carpets are being replaced.

Performing professional carpet cleaning whether wherever you are in the Greater Toronto Area, whether it’s Vaughan, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Pickering, or Markham is a must as salt stains brought in from normal traffic  could affect your carpets pretty badly.

Having professional floor care for your carpets and do carpet cleaning once a year can help you save money. Looking at the costs of closing your office and getting the carpets replaced, which would eventually have to happen if the annual cleaning is not done, is something that would cost so much more. Make sure your office cleaners know the importance of this and, if you create a timetable with a certain month every year where the carpet cleaning gets done, it keeps the process efficient and well organized.

Spring is always a good time to get something like this done, after the winter and snow covered boots have been treading on the carpets for months now. It’s always nice to start fresh in the spring, so April or May are both good months to get into the habit of getting your carpet cleaning done. You won’t regret taking the step and getting this done!

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