Are There Different Types of Commercial Cleaning?
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June 11, 2021

Are There Different Types of Commercial Cleaning?

When you think about commercial cleaning services, you’re probably focusing on one aspect of it: a professional company that sanitizes and disinfects your office. But is there more than one type of commercial cleaning services in Brampton?

Commercial Cleaning Services

The simple answer is: yes. It comes down to not only the different services you can expect from each cleaner – which could include carpet steam cleaning and even disinfectant fogging – but also when the cleaner does the work.

‘Regular’ Office Hours Cleaning

For example, you may opt for “day porter” services when choosing commercial cleaning in Mississauga. This type of day service means the commercial cleaning services will be administered during the day when your business normally operates and focuses on hotspots that staff would come in contact most such as doorknobs, light switches, and common surfaces.

The bottom line is that day porter services make sure your facility looks presentable to both employees and clients and reduces pathogens that can lead to illness.

However, some commercial cleaning services in Brampton can adhere to your schedule, as well as accept requests to do the work while there’s fewer or no staff in the building when they visit.

Deep Cleaning

Many companies offering commercial cleaning in Mississauga might advertise “deep cleaning,” but what does that actually mean?

Well, this goes beyond the “regular” cleaning that you’d expect from a day porter service. Not only does it focus on common surfaces, it goes a step further to eliminate dirt and germs hiding in hard-to-reach nooks, including under sinks. Carpet steam cleaning to freshen and renew flooring might also be part of these commercial cleaning services.

Deep cleaning is not something that’s usually done every visit. It is often done at the start of a contract to set the standard, and then be performed periodically on top of regular cleaning duties.

Specialized Cleaning

While many commercial cleaning services in Brampton are well-versed in cleaning office spaces, some others have experience in other environments including medical facilities, schools, daycares, and other spaces.

These experienced cleaners know the protocols for cleaning for different types of institutions and have stepped up to ensure enhanced disinfection to reduce spread of COVID-19 among vulnerable residents.

Some cleaners also go a step further by offering add-ons such as pest control to minimize unwanted visitors.

Not only will this specific knowledge help ensure more safety, it will also help patients and clients feel more confident stepping into a space that’s obviously been well taken care of.

Find out more about how commercial cleaning in Mississauga areas can keep your unique premises clean and germ-free from Arelli Cleaning.

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