Deep Cleaning vs. Regular Cleaning
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June 10, 2021

Deep Cleaning vs. Regular Cleaning

When it comes to office cleaning services, not all are delivered the same way. You may see the word “cleaning” in the list of services and assume that means the company will do a “deep” clean because they’re professional.

But there’s a difference between deep cleaning and “regular” cleaning, and it comes down to the level of cleaning that will be performed. So before you look up office cleaning services near me, make sure to understand the difference and what you’re actually paying for.

Regular Cleaning

What does this mean? Generally, “regular” cleaning is any cleaning you would normally do on a regular basis. Examples of “regular” cleaning from office cleaning companies may include wiping down hard surfaces in the bathroom or kitchenette, vacuuming of carpets, and collecting and disposing of trash.

Regular cleaning happens on a daily or weekly basis, but it’s probably not your best choice if you’re hiring a cleaner for the first time and you haven’t been on top of cleaning for a while. It is designed for maintenance, not to get rid of dirt and grime that may have been accumulating for a long period of time.

Regular cleaning is important when you run on office or commercial space that is used often, as germs and dirt can constantly accumulate. But if you’re just moving into a new space, or you haven’t had any professional cleaning done for a while, then you’re going to want office cleaning services that specify deep cleaning in their brochure or website.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning does just that – it goes deeper than a regular cleaning. It is designed to target all spaces in the office, many that don’t get attention during regular cleanings.

For example, office cleaning companies that perform a deep clean might include cleaning under sinks, washing the inside of windows and blinds, removing all dust and cobwebs, and even steam cleaning carpets to go beyond the surface to where germs and allergens can hide.

It’s important to note that “deep cleaning” is not something you will need to have done every time you call for office cleaning companies to come to your site. A deep cleaning is typically done during the first visit to establish a baseline for future “regular” cleanings. You may also request a deep cleaning periodically to ensure your office is as spotless as possible.

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