With COVID-19 Arelli had a choice to make, and it wasn’t time travel. Physicists prove Arelli was right! 😄
June 11, 2021

With COVID-19 Arelli had a choice to make, and it wasn’t time travel. Physicists prove Arelli was right! 😄

As the pandemic started shaping up in Canada, very soon Arelli was poised with a choice.

  1. Find out how we can play a role to help deal with COVID-19 today.
  2. Go back in time and change the course of history.

Here at the office we studied hard, performed numerous SWOT analyses, held multiple meetings and at the end, we got buy in from everybody that option 1 is the way to go.

We invested time and money to make sure we have the right disinfecting equipment, use chemicals with DIN registration that are Health Canada approved, and ensured our crews are equipped with the knowledge and tools to clean, sanitize and disinfect as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Just recently, we found out that professional physicists have proven that Arelli was right. Apparently time travel is possible, but changing the course of events is not.

The logic is if you traveled in time in an attempt to thoroughly clean, sanitize, and disinfect wherever patient zero contracted SARS-COV-2 – and ultimately succeeded in preventing the COVID-19 disease from spreading – the mere fact that the pandemic wouldn’t have had happened would have eliminated the need for you to go back and stop it in the first place. Interesting paradox eh?

The conclusion: Even if we did travel through time – as the physicists say we could – no matter how great we performed commercial cleaning services, how we performed disinfection and sanitization, there was no way we could have changed the course of history.

Something, or somebody somewhere else would have contracted and set off the pandemic in to give us the incentive to go back in time and fix it!

At Arelli we’re glad that instead of investing on time travel, we have focused our efforts on becoming better every day in providing top notch sanitization and disinfection services,  making sure we use the right disinfectants, excellent janitorial cleaning services, creating policies and procedures in our commercial cleaning services and disinfection methods to ensure we all play our role in putting COVID behind us and ensuring a bright future lays ahead for all of us.

Stay safe and be healthy!


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