Why Office Cleaning Needs to Become More Robust and Frequent During Winters?
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June 10, 2021

Why Office Cleaning Needs to Become More Robust and Frequent During Winters?

Winter means snow and also the onset of flu season for most people in Canada. The task of keeping your office hygienically clean becomes a daunting one in this season. The rock salt that is liberally sprinkled on roads to cut through ice and snow and to prevent instances of sliding, hangs on the boots and is transferred indoors to carpets and floors. This particular reason makes office cleaning quite challenging. However, there are many more compelling reasons that call for frequent and thorough office cleaning. Hence, winter office cleaning is best left to professionals such as Arelli Cleaning that are well-versed in the nuances of office cleaning and know how to keep infections at bay in shared spaces.

Guide to Winter Office Cleaning

1) Keeping Floors and Carpets Clean

Dust, salt, and moisture all come in along with the boots on to the flooring. If you have carpeted floors in the office,keeping them clean is an arduous taskthat must be handed over to professionals. Especially, the entryway rugs and mats are a challenge to clean as they capture most snow and slush that gets along with the boots.

To lessen the burden of cleaning the floors keep entrance mats and have them cleaned frequently. And, to keep the floor clean, it is important to increase the sweeping and mopping frequency. If your office has carpeted floors, they would require steam cleaning more frequently and shampoo occasionally.It is important to know that if the salt and dirt are allowed to stay on your carpet fiber for longer they will break down the fiber causing irreparable damage to your carpet. Investing in professional office cleaning service is a less expensive proposition as it helps you save on the cost of replacing the carpet.

2) Keeping Windows Clean

Heavy precipitation during winters causes windows and glass doors to spot. When the spots combine with cold air, it leads to condensation buildup. Besides, the debris and snow leave a layer of grime on the window glass. This hampers the look of the doors and windows, prevent the sunlight from coming in, and also contribute to mold proliferation. Hence, it is crucial to frequently clean the windows and doors during winters. Your indoors will shine because of the sunlight permeating in and keep your employees in a happier mood.

3) Keeping Office Space Sanitized

Fall and winter season marks the onset of flu as the weather is conducive for the spread of cold and flu viruses and also because people spend more time indoors. To keep your employees healthy during winters, it is important to keep the workplace sanitized. Encourage employees to keep using hand sanitizers and tissues. Reputed office cleaning companies understand the importance of keeping shared spaces sanitized. At Arelli Cleaning, our cleaning professionals will frequently sanitize printers, staplers, door knobs and handlesand all such shared objects and equipment to prevent the spread of infections.

4) Hire Professional Office Cleaning Services

Keeping the office impressively clean and hygienic in snowy winter months is no easy task. Instead of stressing and worrying over office looking shabby or employees falling ill, it is best to hire a professional office cleaning agency that is familiar with the ins and outs of the office cleaning. At Arelli Cleaning, we have years of experience in office cleaning. We perform carpet and rug cleaning, doors and window cleaning, disinfecting and dusting services, HVAC cleaning for office cleaning with efficiency. We also offer tips to keep the office clean between spruced up sessions so your office looks sprucedup at all times.

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