Go Green When Hiring Office Cleaning Service
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June 10, 2021

Go Green When Hiring Office Cleaning Service

Why Corporates are Choosing Green Cleaning

Green Carpet Cleaning

Simple cleaning is not enough these days. The emphasis today is on adopting green cleaning methodologies. Green cleaning means your cleaning efforts while being effective in your target area will not harm the environment. Sustainable cleaning is being adopted by reputed janitorial service providers and is being gladly adopted by corporates. As the environmental concerns are rising, corporates are happily hiring green cleaning services. This helps them do away with the guilt of harming the environment, create a positive impression, and safeguard the health of the employees. Let us elaborate more on green cleaning and the many benefits it offers.

What is meant by Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning entails an environmentally friendly way of cleaning which avoids the use of harsh chemical substances or cleaning solutions that may contain potentially dangerous chemicals. Cleaning methods adopted should also be safe and eco-friendly. Green cleaning solutions do not in any way harm the environment or the employees working in the organization. However, green cleaning does not mean you will have to bear a slouchy cleaning. Green cleaning products offered by reputed companies are of excellent quality and are efficient in cleaning while being devoid of harmful chemicals.

Benefits of Green Cleaning

1) Improved Indoor Air Quality

Typically, products used by office cleaning services contain harmful chemicals. Your office may appear clean, but the chemicals used adversely impact the indoor air quality. By adopting green cleaning products, you can ensure improved air quality in your office premises.

2) Better Health of Your Employees

Chemical-laced cleaning solutions can lead to a number of health issues among your employees. Depending on the type of workplace and the number of hours your employee spends in such an environment, they could potentially suffer from allergies, headaches, skin and lung problems or irritation of the eyes. By choosing green office cleaning services, you are ensuring a better indoor environment. This helps reduce the chances of allergies and sickness in your employees.

3) Improved Productivity and Greater Profitability

Because of better indoor air, your staff does not fall sick so often and instead feel more energized. The productivity of your staff increases which positively impacts your business profitability. Your clients and visitors will also feel nice when visiting your premises. They will feel good about your business and be more keen on maintaining business relations with your company.

Why Choose Arelli Cleaning?

At Arelli Cleaning, we have gladly adopted green cleaning solutions, equipment, and methods. When cleaning your office, our aim is to completely remove dust and bacteria from the environment and not just move them around. Our green cleaning equipment like micro-filtered vacuum cleaners and micro-fiber dust mops trap even the microscopic dust and other material and ensure a cleaner and safer environment.

We make use of certified green cleaning solutions and thus reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals. Our cleaning staff is regularly trained to adopt green cleaning standards. They will not overuse disinfectants so that it does not pollute the environment. They will only use them when and where required. This ensures that your office remains germ-free while maintaining suitable indoor air quality.

Green office cleaning does not mean increasing your cleaning budget. At Arelli Cleaning, we provide deep cleaning at reasonable rates and ensure your office look spruced up at all times. We also ensure our cleaning process does not disturb your office routine or cause a burden on your pocket. Call us to know more about our green cleaning process or to schedule a free sample cleaning for your office.

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