What Can You Expect From a Commercial Cleaning Contract with Arelli?
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June 11, 2021

What Can You Expect From a Commercial Cleaning Contract with Arelli?

When you enter a contract with Arelli Commercial Cleaning for commercial cleaning services, what should you expect? Will professionals regularly come into your building using ride-on vacuum cleaners like the satirical “GE Big Boys” commercial featured on Saturday Night Live? Or will they use a detachable carpet spot remover that looks more like a jackhammer?

Well, not exactly. But the basic principle is the same – the cleaning services in Vaughan offered by Arelli means you will be visited by experienced cleaners using professional grade equipment – but not something out of a sketch comedy routine.

Pick and Choose Services Based on Needs and Budget

In reality, commercial cleaning contacts can be catered to each client depending on needs and budget, but they all contain a few key elements. For example, you’ll be able to specify the cleaning services you need, as well as any additional services that may not be included in a basic agreement. Those could include fogging services for disinfection, waxing floors, window cleaning, and even pest control.

You can also determine from the get-go how often you’d like the cleaning services from commercial cleaning companies. While you might want to go on a month-by-month basis, it makes sense to sign a longer agreement of a year or longer to properly maintain your premises. In any case, you can expect an initial deep clean from Arelli that will set the standard of cleanliness in your office.

Ensures Quality Service and Qualified Staff

Next, while most commercial cleaning services such as Arelli strive to do the best job each time, in some cases things will not be agreed on. Arelli strives to ensure all services meet quality standards, as well as listening to client feedback to improve. It doesn’t just wait for a complaint – they proactively check in by phone to gauge satisfaction.

It’s also important to look for a cleaning company that specifies in its contract that it screens its employees – in the case of Arelli, there is a stringent selection process, and our commercial cleaning crews are experienced, vetted, background checked and have expert support at the tip of their hands.

In short, the contract is meant to protect you as the client as well as the commercial cleaning companies, while also clearly defining the terms (including rates and payment schedules). By having everything in writing, you can feel confident moving forward with regular cleanings without worry or hassle.

Learn more about contracts with commercial cleaning services in Vaughan from Arelli Commercial Cleaning.

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