We Care About Our Customers
October 14, 2022

We Care About Our Customers

Arelli has been in operation for over a decade with over 250 satisfied customers throughout southern Ontario. Our 35+ service areas include Vaughan, Mississauga, Brampton, Kitchener, and Scarborough.

Arelli Commercial Cleaners are known as the Cleaners Who Care®. This is demonstrated in a myriad of ways.

COVID-19 Response

When the pandemic reared its ugly head and infiltrated Canada, Arelli sprang into action to address the new and specific requirements of our customers.

Enhanced cleaning procedures included paying specific attention regarding:

  • Thorough cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched hard and non-porous surfaces.
  • Strict adherence to Public Health Ontario guidelines and local bylaws.
  • Following crew member protocols and maintaining appropriate distancing.
  • In cases where exposure to SARS-CoV-2 was confirmed, Arelli offered Ultra Low Volume (ULV) fogging as an extra service.

All services continued to involve the use of Health Canada approved cleaners and disinfectants.

No-Contract Services

No Term Contracts: We don't have our customers sign contracts or insist on predetermined schedules. Our customers know what they want, and we aim to satisfy those requirements.

Stop-and-Go Service: Whether you need our help once a day, once a week, or once in a while, we are at your service when and where you need us.

Fully Customized Packages: To guarantee that our customers' facilities are always clean, safe, and at their best, we can customize cleaning packages to include any mix of commercial cleaning, disinfection services, specialty cleaning services, and cleaning supply delivery.

Team Support

Our motto in our work with approximately 100 teams is "continuous improvement and respect for individuals," and we strive for success through hard work and honesty.

This organization is creative, agile, and always learning, and it seeks to be inclusive by aiding each team member on their own path to success. Every member of the team is required to be professional, dependable, and consistent, as well as to adhere to the Golden Rule.

We select team members who share our values as a people-oriented business. Senior team members serve as role models for the entire organization by adhering to these objectives.

Customers can rely on Arelli team members to listen, understand, and improve every day. In a flat company structure where everyone takes pleasure in their work, team members are encouraged to see how their efforts affect customers and the bottom line.

A comprehensive strategy for hiring, retaining, and reassigning cleaning employees based on their capabilities and availability helps to assure consistent, high-quality performance.

Customer Support

All regular services and processes are built on a personalized cleaning plan that is clearly laid out. That means that every time a facility is cleaned, the same high standards are met or exceeded.

Case management, cleaning status records, periodic quality control inspections, and phone follow-ups are all examples of Quality Assurance procedures.


Our new chat bot, Astro, is the first talking AI assistant that provides online quotations and can search cases for customers twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This new chat bot allows customers to safely send photographs or videos, as well as voice notes or plain text, to help explain their issues in a fraction of the time it takes to call or email.

Where applicable, crew members are notified immediately and are required to offer revised plans as soon as possible. Astro also assists clients in having their questions answered as well as aids in requesting contact.

The Bottom Line

Arelli truly are the Cleaners Who Care®.

Furthermore, they are always available to listen to customer requests and incorporate feedback into their work.

They constantly want to participate constructively, offer value, and improve through learning, whether for their customers, team members, society, or the environment.

Arelli's crews and staff strive to do their part so that our customers can do what they do best. We all work as one big team so that everyone can achieve more on their journey to success.

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