This is Arelli
September 16, 2022

This is Arelli

Arelli Inc.

Arelli Commercial Cleaning

10-8707 Dufferin Street

Thornhill, ON  L4J 0A6

(905) 553-6545



Who is Arelli?

Arelli Commercial Cleaning is a successful commercial cleaning company that has multiple crews located in most areas of Southern Ontario. Their commercial cleaning services include disinfection, supply management, window cleaning, strip-and-wax, carpet shampoo, steam cleaning, high dusting, and power washing. A cleaning package can include commercial cleaning, disinfection, speciality cleaning, and cleaning supply delivery. The objective is to provide a clean, safe, and well-maintained facility.

With over 25 cleaning crews in the Barrie-Innisfil area alone, they stand beside their customers regardless of weather conditions, to ensure that expectations are consistently exceeded.

A Change for the Better

With no term contracts, stop-and-go service, and fully customizable cleaning packages, Arelli is changing the way commercial cleaning is done. They save their customers time, money, and trouble by giving them reliable cleaning and great customer service 24/7.

Quality Customer Service

A personalised cleaning schedule that is clearly laid out is the basis for all standard services and processes. That means that every time a facility is cleaned, it will be done to the same high standard. A special 8-step QA process includes detailed records of the cleaning status, regular quality control inspections, and routine phone follow-ups.

A True Problem-Solver Company

This company is innovative, agile, always learning, ensuring that everyone on the team has a bright future. Professionalism, reliability, respect, and continuous improvement are their main principles, and they follow the Golden Rule.

As a people-centric company, they want team members with similar values. Senior team members operate as role models for the entire organisation by upholding these ideals.

Customers can count on them to listen, exceed expectations, and improve every day. Everyone can see how their contributions affect customers and the bottom line in a flat organisation. Everyone realises the worth of their work and may take pride in performing it effectively.


Arelli's customer service team has received many accolades for their communication skills. In addition, Astro, the first AI bot to deliver accurate online quotes, is a new communication tool available to customers 24/7. Customers can request customer support, a quotation, or to know more about Arelli. Customers can ask their own questions or request that an agent email or phone them.

A Vision for the Future

Arelli are the Cleaners Who CareⓇ. If any one thing distinguishes them as a company, it is that they are always willing to assist. Additionally, they are consistently available to listen to the needs of the customer and incorporate the feedback into their work.

Whether for their clients, team members, society, or the environment, they always want to engage positively, add value, and improve via learning. They strive to continually improve to bring joy to the world at large and accomplish their goals.

Additionally, they attempt to collaborate with clients to ensure their continued success in the work they conduct. By respecting them, caring about them, and assisting them when necessary, they want to establish a basis for them to attain their own personal and professional objectives.

Having a sound strategy for hiring, retaining, and reassigning cleaning workers based on their capabilities and availability helps to assure the longevity of successful service.

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