The Importance of Cleaning Services as COVID-19 Variants Spread
August 24, 2021

The Importance of Cleaning Services as COVID-19 Variants Spread

It seemed that this challenging chapter of doing business during a pandemic was winding down, much to everyone’s relief. However, unfortunately, variants – namely the Delta variant – is causing cases to rise again. In fact, doctors have officially announced a fourth wave of COVID-19, which calls for more cleaning vigilance with help from janitorial cleaning services.

Janitorial Cleaning Services

Here's the hard facts: even if you're following protocols with physical distancing, chances are that you – and those who you work and do business with – will be infected by the virus. Even if you and those around you have been vaccinated, the risk of infection is still possible with these variants circulating (although the symptoms will almost surely be less severe.)

The prevalent thought from scientists is that the virus will continue to live on, becoming akin to the flu that requires annual vaccinations to avoid serious sickness. At some point, there might be a booster shot for the coronavirus, and people may develop more immunity over time.

This information might be a bit tough to swallow. After all, if you're doing everything safely as well as wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) when necessary, what else can you do? The answer is commercial janitorial services.

How To Lessen Risk Beyond Vaccines

Offices have a number of high-volume touch surfaces such as boardroom tables, doorknobs, faucets, toilet handles, and light switches that potentially become hosts for the coronavirus, and also other viruses such as the flu that can impact the well-being of your team. While you may wipe them down occasionally, you'll need professional janitorial services in Toronto to not only sanitize but also disinfect surfaces to neutralize pathogens.

By following a regular cleaning schedule offered by janitorial cleaning services, you can further mitigate the risk of infection and illness. This protects your staff so they don't lose productivity, as well as helping to prevent any outbreaks that can be traced back to your establishment. It's an effective way to protect others, as well as protecting your business.

By hiring commercial janitorial services to clean your entire office, including carpets, you're also sending a message to your staff and clients that you're continuing to take the situation seriously, and are going the extra mile to ensure their safety. Potential customers walking into your space for the first time will likely be much more responsive to a sanitized environment, rather than one that looks like it has been neglected for some time.

Learn more about how Toronto janitorial services can help lessen the risk from COVID-19 and its variants while maintaining a professional level of clean in your business from Arelli.

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