Some Ontario COVID-19 Restrictions Will Be Lifted in March
March 14, 2022

Some Ontario COVID-19 Restrictions Will Be Lifted in March

As a conscientious business owner, you have no doubt been following the Public Health notices regarding COVID-19. As the restrictions come and go and the danger level of communicable disease rises and falls, much attention is to be paid to ensure that the commercial cleaning schedule portion of your health and safety program for your offices and facilities is kept up to date and appropriate.

Arelli is keenly aware that commercial cleaning has become of prime importance over the past two years and will continue to be an imperative for the foreseeable future. Each of our clients who is a business leader in their own right knows that, as a part of a successful community, the business itself is responsible for ensuring the health and safety of its employees, customers, and vendors.

What this means to you

Let's take a look at the terms "Public Health" and "Commercial Cleaning" in more detail.

The term public health refers to the state of being healthy. For what we are discussing here, it means being clean. People usually refer to public health when they are discussing the health of a population as a whole. Health-related indicators include things like how many people die from diseases, how many people get sick, and how much money is spent on healthcare.

The act of cleaning a building or space for business purposes is called commercial cleaning. Janitorial services, carpet cleaning, window washing, floor polishing, and sanitizing are all types of commercial cleaning. They are used to keep buildings clean and presentable. As well as preventing the spread of bacteria and germs, they are also used to ensure a clean interior.

Commercial cleaning has always been an important part of the health and safety program of every business that employs and/or hosts people. The introduction of the SARS‑CoV‑2 virus, and more specifically COVID-19 disease, made commercial cleaning and disinfection crucial imperatives for all indoor environments, especially commercial spaces.

As your needs change, we change right along with you

As subsequent public health restrictions have been levied and reduced or removed, the number of people who are legally permitted to occupy commercial spaces has ebbed and flowed. The behavior of those people has also been carefully monitored to ensure that both public health restrictions and guidelines have been followed.

What this has meant to owners and managers of commercial spaces comes down to some simple factors. The number, behavior, and traffic/use patterns of the people who will be using the spaces at any one time determines the type and frequency of commercial cleaning for those spaces.

Arelli are the Cleaners Who Care

When it comes to determining an appropriate cleaning schedule, this is where Arelli really shines! Our skilled cleaners have years of experience cleaning at businesses of all types. We have had experience with the environments in commercial spaces before and during the current pandemic and understand that our customers' needs are constantly changing with the times.

As such, we appreciate that the needs of every business are special and unique. We can design a cleaning schedule that best suits the needs of your business in any environment. Our services are flexible and can easily be adjusted for your commercial spaces for any reason and as often as your needs change or grow.

Let's work together toward the success of your business in all environmental conditions. For more information, call our office at (905) 553-6545. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us via email or text chat on our website by visiting We invite all inquiries.

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