Professional Cleaning of a Paw-Friendly Office
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June 11, 2021

Professional Cleaning of a Paw-Friendly Office

Having an office mascot can be a real morale booster to your staff, as long as they are on board and none of them have serious allergies. However, the downside is that having an office dog or cat that hangs out can also shed hair, dander and put muddy footprints on flooring as well as… other things too that can stain carpets.

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Luckily, a professional office cleaning company can come to the rescue to remove some of the mess left behind by the office pet – not to mention any odours they cause. But how?

Well, one of the things that office cleaning companies can do is vacuuming, which will remove pet hair from the surface of a carpet. However, some of the dander (flakes of skin) and those other things can work themselves deep into the carpet fibres. In this case, you’ll want to connect with office cleaning services near me for carpet steam cleaning that will restore your carpets and help them smell fresh.

Be Ready For Pet ‘Accidents’

While office cleaning is a great way to deal with mishaps and odours from office pets, there are ways to help minimize the mess to begin with. For example, you should be well-stocked with any gloves, bags, and cleaners so you can deal with an “accident” when it happens, while you wait for office cleaning companies to come and add a professional touch.

If it’s an office cat, obviously a litter box is a good way to go to contain everything. Some of these newer litter boxes claim to be “self-cleaning” and have enclosures, but there’s still the chance the cat could track some litter onto the carpets and shed around the office.

To help prevent pet odours from building up (your clients likely won’t appreciate them, and neither will your staff), you should try to crack windows a bit if the weather allows for it, and have a properly working ventilation system. Another tactic is to use plug-in air fresheners, but make sure their scent isn’t equally as offending to anyone who might be using the office space.

Call Office Cleaning ASAP

Pro tip: certain pet-friendly office plants help naturally clean the air, and some can also remove scents from ammonia that is present in pet urine. But you’ll want to have office cleaning services near me take care of the accident soon because ammonia-based stains can set quickly if they’re not thoroughly cleaned in time.

Having a dog in the office can help you through some ruff days, but having office cleaning on standby can make it even better! Learn how from Arelli Cleaning.

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