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June 10, 2021

How Often Should You Service Commercial Cleaning Equipment in the Greater Toronto Area

Professional cleaning equipment for office cleaners should be inspected and consumables replaced frequently to ensure that your office is being cleaned properly and efficiently by your office cleaners. Depending on how often your facility receives office cleaning, it should be a regular habit to inspect each piece of commercial cleaning equipment being used at least once a month.

Office cleaning that is not up to your office cleaners highest standards may be a result of any issues or problems with professional carpet cleaning machines, scrubbers, or strip and wax equipment. If your professional office cleaners are not including this as a regular practice once a month, or even weekly if your office space is cleaned more often, than perhaps it is time you speak with customer relations at your chosen cleaning company.

At Arelli, our commercial cleaning teams are required to have good working equipment at all times. Regular quality control checks that our field supervisors perform are just one of the ways that we make sure our professional office cleaning staff are doing their jobs appropriately and efficiently. We check in with our clients regularly to ensure they are satisfied and pleased with the way their facility looks once their office cleaners leave.

Communicating with your clients is so important to build that relationship and keep on top of things to make sure that if there ever is an issue, that it is handled and dealt with right away. Make sure your commercial cleaning company is providing you with this level of service and expertise and you will have a clean and safe environment to work in.

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