Office Cleaning and Fire hazards in the Workplace
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June 10, 2021

Office Cleaning and Fire hazards in the Workplace

Clutter is known to increase risks for fire related episodes as per the online work safety resource Safety Xchange.

Paper, cardboards and packaging material that are thrown in the garbage can catch on fire if sparked by an exposed electrical wire or other sources of heat that may happen in the workplace.

For example, if garbage is left unattended under desks where computer towers are kept or papers are left piling up near computers which generate heat, this can pose a fire hazard.

Consult with your professional office cleaning company to determine a schedule that could help reduce this risk through appropriate commercial cleaning services and garbage removal.

Once more, it comes down to clutter, clutter, clutter. If your office cleaners keep your workspace clutter free, this minimizes the chances of a fire.

Taking the garbage outside to an outdoor garbage bin is something that should be done each and every time your office cleaners visit your office.

This is an easy task and takes only a few moments to complete.

There really isn’t any excuse for these things not being done and kept on top of by your office cleaners, so don’t sell your self short by settling for less!

Your office cleaning services should be providing you with a high level of cleaning services at all times, as this is the easiest and one of the most important parts of the job.

If this can’t be done correctly, then how can you trust that the other aspects of the office cleaning are being done?

Make sure your commercial cleaning service is providing you with nothing less.

It only takes two minutes

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