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June 10, 2021

Where should the Office Cleaners Place the Garbage in Toronto?

Many offices and businesses in Toronto do not have garbage pick up and removal from the city.

Some businesses choose to take the garbage home, others employ garbage removal services periodically which come at a cost.

Some businesses store their garbage for weekly pick up. This may not be sanitary especially for schools and daycare.

Make sure your professional office cleaners in Toronto are well trained to follow your policy in this regard.

This may seem like a strange thing to keep in mind when hiring the perfect office cleaners, but it is very significant. Mice and rats are attracted to garbage and if you let it buildup in high traffic areas, this can create quite a problem.

It should be placed in covered and locked bins where it won’t attract unwanted animals and insects and should be taken out every day outside or in a shed outdoors.

Making sure your garbage bins in the office are lined properly at all times is important too to make sure that your actual garbage cans are not getting dirty but that all the garbage is going into a bag.

If your office is located in the downtown core of Toronto, these practices are especially important. Make sure when you are looking for good office cleaners that you ask what their normal practices would be with garbage clean up and how they would make sure it was stored until garbage pickup.

Professional office cleaning services will follow your instructions to ensure garbage is secured safely and in a sanitary way. Some can even coordinate the pick up of garbage for you.

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