Keep your Staff Safe from Flu and Other Infections with Professional Office Cleaning
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June 10, 2021

Keep your Staff Safe from Flu and Other Infections with Professional Office Cleaning

Flu and infections are inevitable; as an employer, finding suitable strategies to avoid or minimize them will go a long way in enhancing the productivity of the company and of the industry overall.

One employee falling ill often translates to a bunch of others contracting the infection and a pile of sick leave applications as a result. Even if your employees follow exemplary hygiene habits, germs find their ways to surfaces in the office like desks, computers, door handles, stationery, and most importantly the air.

To make sure you eliminate these sources of infection transmission, you must pay close attention to the cleanliness in the office; merely maintaining a superficially clean and tidy look does not suffice. What offices truly need is regular professional cleaning and sanitization. This may seem like a bit obsessive to some, but take our word on it, you will notice a marked difference in the number of cases of sickness due to infections after you start following this practice.

The Basic Steps of Deep Cleaning in Offices

Deep cleaning must cover all possible sources of infection in the office. An experienced office cleaning company in Toronto like Arelli Cleaning ensures that all the steps are carefully and thoroughly followed. At Arelli Cleaning, we have hundreds of offices under our care when it comes to professional cleaning and sanitization.

Here is a broad list of processes we follow.

1) Vacuuming

You may think of vacuum cleaning as a very everyday cleaning process that all services follow. But did you know that vacuuming, in turn, can also perpetrate microbe growth on various surfaces? Sounds shocking indeed. How this happens is, vacuum cleaners get dirty over time and even though they continue to perform the function of removing dust and grime, the unclean parts of the machines may leave behind a whole lot of germs.

You need an office cleaning professional who understands these nuances and takes perfect care to clean the cleaning equipment regularly. At Arelli Cleaning, we do just that. No matter how much our workload is, we ensure we do a most sincere job for each of our clients. Our staff will never use an unclean vacuum cleaner to do your office.

2) Disinfecting Surfaces

Disinfecting is a powerful way of killing germs wherever they may be present. The answer to how effective it will be in preventing diseases lies in how comprehensively you recognize the objects that require disinfecting. While most ordinary office cleaners may content with disinfecting tabletops, shelves, doors, and windows, the best ones will know that laptops, phones, printers, elevator buttons and chairs are high-risk spots that definitely ought to be under the disinfectant regularly.

3) Dusting

Periodically and consistently dusting the entire office is one of the best ways to keep the indoor air clean. Dust collecting in corners is not just an eyesore but also leads to a substantial deterioration of air quality in the office. So, create a good impression for your customers and keep the air breathable for everyone in the office by a regular dusting of the place.

4) Sanitization of Bathrooms

Bathrooms are always a ripe spot for catching an infection. You must invest in an office janitor service that keeps them spick and span at all times. Sanitization should be done not just on toilet seats, urinals, and washbasins but also on doorknobs, mirrors, taps, and partitions. Doing so will substantially cut down the risk of transmitting and contracting viruses.

As an employer or a manager, you can achieve a much higher productivity by investing in proper cleaning rituals week after week. Call Arelli Cleaning now to make your office a healthy haven!

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