Office/Commercial Janitorial Services in Cambridge
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June 10, 2021

Office/Commercial Janitorial Services in Cambridge

Our cleaning professionals at Arelli Cleaning understand that there is a huge difference when it comes to house cleaning and office cleaning. So naturally, the rules you apply when it comes to cleaning your residence is very different from the ones you use when looking after your commercial space. Owing to this, there are many myths surrounding janitorial services in Cambridge. Here are a few of them and how different they are from the actual facts.

Myth: Professional janitor services in Cambridge is not essential

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Fact: Many offices and commercial setups are of the belief that spending money on cleaning is a complete waste. However, dirty and unkempt offices give an unfavorable impression to clients and customers alike. In addition to this, it becomes difficult for employees to work to their optimum capacity. Office spaces serve as perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and other microbes putting employees at risk to a variety of diseases and illnesses. This can eventually cost you a lot in terms of productivity. It is better to invest in proper office cleaning from the start rather than regret not doing it later.

Myth: Bleaching is the best alternative for janitorial services in Cambridge

Fact: People consider bleaching to be the best when it comes to doing away with moss, lichens and other microorganisms. However, bleaching is not an all-in-one multipurpose cleaning solution. On the contrary, it is not powerful enough to tackle dirt and germs and if used on a constant basis, can cause harmful chemical reactions. There is a multitude of cleaning solutions available in the market for good reason. Good janitor services in Cambridge such as Arelli Cleaning knows the kind of cleaning solutions required to make your workplace spotless and germ-free.

Myth: I can do the cleaning myself

Fact: One person cannot handle all of the cleaning processes in an office while simultaneously handle other work-related tasks. There are a number of commercial business owners who believe that commercial cleaning services are superfluous. They believe that their employees can conduct these processes without any problem. Your employees cannot be taking out the trash or dusting out office items in their free personal time. Hiring us for your commercial janitorial services in Cambridge ensures you get the best office cleaning services for the most convenient of costs.

Myth: Carpets do not need regular cleaning

Fact: You can easily spot many old looking and worn out carpets in offices. This happens because the carpets are not looked after and cleaned on a regular basis. Carpets collect dust and dirt immediately so cleaning them once in a blue moon is not advisable at all. It is essential that you clean your carpets at least twice or thrice a week rather than after 45 days or never.

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We offer professional, reliable, and affordable office janitor services in Cambridge for all of your office cleaning requirements. You can trust us to offer impeccable and quality results at all times. Our experienced crew conducts regular follow-ups and on-site quality control visits to ensure all kinds of existing and potential issues regarding workspace cleaning are handled in a successful and thorough manner.

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