How to Prepare Your Office to Protect Against Coronavirus
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June 10, 2021

How to Prepare Your Office to Protect Against Coronavirus

Coronavirus (Covid-19) is dominating headlines as cases spread, which is why offices should be prepared with the help of office cleaning companies.

Luckily, there are a few steps that offices can take to ensure the risk of the virus remains low in the workplace, while also preventing the need for additional sick days as a result.

Here’s some advice to get ahead of the virus in your workplace…

Maintain or Increase Regular Cleanings

Using office cleaning services is one of the first lines of defense to ensure the virus doesn’t have a chance to survive on hard surfaces. A professional cleaning company will know what type of disinfecting cleaner will work best (and how to use it best) to keep the virus at bay, as well as having all the right equipment such as gloves and masks for protection during cleaning.

It can also wipe down commonly used items and places such as doorknobs, bathrooms, and countertops to further reduce the risk. Office cleaning companies can also mop floors from end to end, without potentially spreading infection from one space to another.

Offices might consider stepping up the frequency of cleaning, as the virus can survive on hard surfaces for days. That means there’s no guarantee the virus won’t be present between cleanings.

Provide Solutions to Staff and Customers

Prevention is the best medicine. So while looking up office cleaning services near me, I also look for one that can provide supplies such as sanitizer and disinfectant soap to be used by employees or customers entering the building. Facemasks could also be made available.

That way, people will have eliminated the threat before entering common areas where the virus can spread through contact.

Offices can also remind employees not to touch their faces or eyes, and to avoid handshakes with clients until further notice.

Learn to Identify Symptoms

You can also ask employees and visitors who have recently traveled outside the country or have symptoms to stay home. These symptoms can include fever, shortness of breath and coughing.

As a further precaution, offices can designate a specific area for isolation (that’s closed off from main areas) before someone suspected of having the virus can safely exit the building.

Some offices are instituting work-from-home policies, while others are limiting meetings to teleconferencing to reduce risk from exposure.

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