How To Deal With Sick Building Syndrome
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June 10, 2021

How To Deal With Sick Building Syndrome

If you’re hearing more coughing than usual at the office or there have been more people absent than usual, then you may be dealing with sick building syndrome that commercial cleaning companies are very familiar with.

While you might not think the indoor environment may be contributing to these ailments, think again. Stale and contaminated air as well as dirty ventilation can spread illnesses throughout the building, meaning you’ll have to address the problem as an employer or lose productivity.

You may even face penalties, as maintaining the health of the work environment is part of the Canadian Labour Code.

Hire An Experienced Cleaning Services Company

In order to tackle the problem quickly, you should look at commercial office cleaning services that specializing in sanitizing office environments. Choose one that uses a green approach to cleaning products, so you don’t add irritants and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to the air.

Check the HVAC Equipment

Once you have the immediate cleaning needs undo control thanks to a cleaning services company, there are steps you can take to prevent the problem from happening again the future.

Have a professional inspect your heating and air conditioning units to make sure they are working efficiently. Also be sure to check out the ventilation system to ensure it’s not accumulating dirt or mold.

Make Sure There Aren’t Outside Contaminants

While you’re checking to make sure your indoor ventilation system isn’t the issue, you should also consider what pollutants might be seeping into your building from the outside. For example, there could be poor seals on windows letting in cigarette or car exhaust fumes or pollution from area industrial activities.

Upgrade The Lighting

While sickness could be occurring from impurities circulating in the air, it could also be from the lighting itself. Offices that use florescent tube lighting often experience flickering, which can cause headaches among staff. Inadequate lighting can also cause strain and lead to feelings of being unwell.

Address The Problem Quickly

Remember, it’s actually the responsibility of the employer to ensure your staff’s health and safety, so it’s not a good idea to ignore complaints about illness or signs of uncleanliness in the office. Not only can partnering with commercial cleaning companies help avoid being investigated for a potentially unsafe workplace – it’s also the right thing to do for your staff!

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