How to Clean Interior Windows in the Office
June 11, 2021

How to Clean Interior Windows in the Office

Windows are your link to the outside world when you’re working in an office. While a window is a great source of natural light (and maybe some people watching) that can boost mood and even productivity, it can also be an eyesore if it gets dirty. That’s where office cleaning companies can make life easier.

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Since office buildings can be tall, office cleaning services typically clean the inside of the windows. While you can schedule the service regularly to maintain the cleanliness, there are also some things you can do between visits to ensure they’re not accumulating dust, germs and grime.

Keep On Top Of Dust

One of the keys to ensuring your windows don’t get coated in grime is by lightly cleaning them while you wait for professional window cleaning with a cleaning services company.

This means you don’t need to haul out all of the cleaning supplies to do the job. Instead, use a bit of washing liquid with some water (or however the product directs you) to remove dust build-up as well as any fingerprints.

Use a Wiping Tool

If you have more substantial buildup on your windows and you can’t wait for office cleaning to arrive, then it might be time to use a squeegee (a handheld tool with a rubber blade.)

Start by using a damp cloth on the outside of the windows and work your way inward. Once you’ve covered the entire surface of the window, use the squeegee to push excess water from the surface, wiping the blade periodically to avoid moving dirt around.

Pro tip: To avoid any of the moisture from running down the walls and to the floor during this process, crack open a window first and place a towel across the window sill to catch drips.

Use Proper Drying Techniques

Cleaning interior office windows is more than just wiping them down. The job is not finished until you’ve properly dried them as well.

First of all, although it might seem counterintuitive, wait for a cloudy/milder day to clean the windows (or leave it to office cleaning services.) Why? Hot sun will dry the windows quickly before you have a chance to dry them with a clean towel or cloth, which can result in streaks.

When using the cloth to dry, try small, circular motions to remove the moisture.

Remember, having clean windows can make a better impression on not only your staff, but also any clients visiting as well! To find out more about why the choice to hire a cleaning services company for interior windows is clear, contact Arelli.

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