How to Clean an Office Infected with COVID-19
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June 11, 2021

How to Clean an Office Infected with COVID-19

It’s one of the biggest worries for many employers right now – what happens if a staff member or customer who tests positive for the COVID-19 virus has been in the workplace? While commercial office cleaning is your ally in this situation, there’s more to know about how to handle it.

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The first step according to the CDC is to block off areas the infected person were known to be in the building (considering that the virus can survive for days on certain surfaces and that the virus is transmitted primarily through airborne droplets.) Opening windows or doors when possible to ventilate the areas is also helpful.

Target Higher-Risk Areas First

While the CDC says to wait a day before cleaning to minimize potential exposure, a cleaning services company can then be brought in to sanitize and disinfect the problem areas first, along with any common surfaces that could have been touched by the infected person such as doorknobs and bathrooms.

The CDC also says to ensure you’re using approved disinfectants and the proper PPE, but you can be sure that reputable office cleaning companies in Mississauga will already have these in their arsenal.

Clean Hard and Soft Surfaces

When cleaning following a known infection, you should also look for surfaces that are visibly dirty and wipe them down with soap and water before using disinfectant that can be applied safely by a commercial office cleaning company.

However, not all surfaces are hard, so special considerations should be made for carpeting and linens. Remove any visible dirt from carpets and rugs first, and then follow the recommended guidelines listed on cleaning products.

If the rugs or drapes can be laundered, then do so according to the instructions on the tags using the warmest water settings on your machine, and ensuring they are dried completely. (A cleaning services company may also offer steam cleaning which may remove contaminants from carpeting.) Don’t shake any items meant for the wash, as this can lead to the virus becoming airborne.

Preventative Measures Are Important

Dealing with an infected office should be part of your workplace COVID-19 safety plan. To help minimize the change of bringing infections into the office in the first place, employers can also screen anyone coming through the door for any symptoms (such as fever or a sore throat) as well as providing hand sanitizer at the door and throughout the premises. Contact tracing is an effective way to inform people that they may have been exposed to an infected person at a place of business or elsewhere, so they can self-isolate or be tested if necessary.

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