How Summer Brings Cleaning Challenges to Commercial Spaces
September 2, 2021

How Summer Brings Cleaning Challenges to Commercial Spaces

When it comes to the messiest seasons, you might think of winter first. And while it's true that commercial office cleaning is necessary to help you contain all of the snow and dirt tracked into your workspace during the colder season, there are unique challenges to summer cleaning too.

Commercial Office Cleaning

While the challenges of cleaning during the hot months might not be as obvious as winter, they are significant and can put the well-being of your staff and clients at risk.

Summer Allergy Risk

One of these challenges is common allergens such as ragweed that can travel far and wide, making its way into office spaces via the wind. While some might not even notice, others who are sensitive to allergens definitely will. It's not the easiest to get rid of, either – which is why you should let commercial cleaning services deal with this issue for you by targeting common areas.

The same challenge is present with other plants that produce pollen, which can hitch a ride on clothing into office spaces. This is a good reason to have commercial cleaning companies visit regularly to sanitize surfaces.

Cleaning Required From Floors to Windows

You might associate dirty floors and carpets with winter due to slush and snow, but summer also creates ideal conditions for dirt to be tracked in – especially after it rains. Dirt on shoes can be a host to pathogens that can cause illness, as well as making a general mess that can be dealt with by that commercial office cleaning. Let professionals clean your building's tiled and carpeted floors, which will kill germs and extend the life of the surfaces.

Meanwhile, the heat and humidity of summer creates ideal conditions for other problems. Namely, any garbage that is not collected regularly can start to become foul-smelling, especially if there is organic matter mixed in. This can negatively impact your staff and create a bad impression when a potential client enters your space. Commercial cleaning services collect and remove garbage from dedicated areas before it becomes an issue as part of its checklist.

If your air conditioning is not up to par, you'll also likely have condensation forming on your interior windows if it's hot and humid outside. This can hinder how much natural light gets in, while also accumulating dirt, grime, and fingerprints. Let commercial office cleaning thoroughly clean the inside of your office windows for a clearer and cleaner result!

Learn more about how commercial cleaning services can benefit your business during summer (and year-round) from Arelli.

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