How Professional Cleaning Can Make Your Workplace A Safe Place To Return
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June 11, 2021

How Professional Cleaning Can Make Your Workplace A Safe Place To Return

The lockdown restrictions due to COVID-19 are lifting, meaning many businesses can start opening their doors to the public with some safety considerations in mind. However, letting cleaning services in Vaughan through the door early can help ensure a safe return for staff and clients alike.

Experienced office cleaning services in Vaughan are well-versed in keeping spaces safe from germs and viruses on an ongoing basis. However, it is especially advantageous to hire a service in advance of “business as usual” because cleaning companies know the proper procedures for sanitizing and disinfecting all surfaces.

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Whether you’re a yoga studio or an ad agency welcoming people back indoors, professional office cleaning services in Vaughan is important to target all of the common areas where people will congregate. These cleaners know which products are the most effective, and some use advanced techniques such as fogging that can safely disinfect even hard-to-reach surfaces of any kind.

Ask us for our Enhanced Cleaning Protocol in dealing with COVID 19 and see how we’ve adjusted our practices to make sure we’re always one step ahead.

Eliminating A Variety of Contaminants

Aside from eliminating viruses that can live for days on surfaces including COVID-19, cleaning services in Vaughan who also offer detailed disinfection and sanitization can also get rid of other threats during their visit. For example, commercial spaces may be hiding fungi and bacteria that can cause a variety of ailments ranging from pink eye to skin infections.

While some of these infections can be mild and treatable, as a business owner you don’t want to negative word of mouth from an unpleasant experience. Investing in office cleaning services in Vaughan can show you value your clients and employees, without the worry of spreading illness.

Arelli has partnered up with ECOLAB to ensure all crews use Health Canada approved disinfectants which are effective on microbes and viruses alike.

Ask us for more information on our cleaning practices and how we play a role in helping keep customers’ premises clean and healthy.

Deep Cleaning is a Plus

If you’ve had your doors closed for a while like many business owners, then the first visits from office cleaning services in Vaughan can be beneficial in other ways. Dust and grime has likely had time to work its way into every corner, but some professional office cleaning services in Vaughan will start a regular cleaning routine with a deep cleaning.

A deep cleaning targets all spaces in a commercial space, not just the commonly touched ones. That could include cleaning blinds, interior windows, and possibly steam cleaning carpets to improve the appearance and scent. Your staff and customers will be welcomed back into a pleasant (and clean) environment.

Of course, it’s important to continue with a cleaning routine using cleaning services in Vaughan to ensure ongoing safety. Learn more about the benefits from Arelli Cleaning.

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