How Disinfecting Helps Keep Office Employees Safe from Coronavirus
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June 10, 2021

How Disinfecting Helps Keep Office Employees Safe from Coronavirus

It’s hard not to think about coronavirus (Covid-19) right now, as it’s dominating the headlines. However, at the office, cleaning services in Vaughan can help you manage the risk to yourself and to others.

Experts have said practicing good hygiene is key, which should be commonplace in workplaces. However, you will need to go the extra mile with professional office cleaning services in Vaughan to ensure there’s no virus lurking on hard surfaces.

The Virus Can Live for Days on Surfaces

While experts have said that the virus can be contracted by someone sneezing or coughing near you, the story doesn’t end there. The droplets containing the virus can land on hard surfaces in the office. And that’s not the only bad news: once it lands on a hard surface, it can survive for up to nine days at room temperature according to early research.

Even surfaces like cardboard aren’t safe – additional research indicates that it can thrive on cardboard for up to 24 hours. When it comes to stainless steel and plastic, the estimates so far are up to three days.

The Bathroom Needs Extra Attention

There’s another reason to look up cleaning services in Vaughan during the pandemic. When using the bathroom, any traces of feces left over may become a way that the virus finds its next host.

Hand washing is of utmost importance after using the bathroom, as the virus can live on doorknobs. And the virus could then be passed through a handshake or by touching one’s own face, which experts have warned against doing.

While hand sanitizer is in short supply, some cleaning companies can provide it for your dispensers.

Wipes Are Not Enough

Disinfecting wipes can be helpful at the office to keep surfaces clean, but the virus can actually live on the used wipes and spread it if it’s used again on another surface. There are also some kinds of wipes that aren’t as effective as others when it comes to killing off the virus.

The solution is office cleaning services in Vaughan, which can properly disinfect all surfaces in your office regularly in order to keep your employees healthy. An experienced commercial cleaning company knows what type of cleaners will be best to help reduce the threat that can lead to sick days.

A professional cleaner not only cleans common surfaces but also ones that are more tucked away and don’t get as much attention from well-intentioned staff.

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