How Cleaning Companies Use Various Equipment to Deliver the Best Results
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June 11, 2021

How Cleaning Companies Use Various Equipment to Deliver the Best Results

When it comes to keeping your workplace clean, there are many advantages to using commercial cleaning services. While professional cleaners know the right techniques and the right products to sanitize and disinfect your commercial space, they also have the right equipment – which can be expensive for a business to buy and store on their own (not to mention learn how to properly maintain it.)

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Janitorial cleaning services have a wide range of equipment in their arsenals to tackle routine cleaning as well as make it quicker and more effective. This includes burnishing equipment that can bring your floors to a shine, but it also includes specialized mops that are specifically designed to avoid scratching an office floor’s surface. Meanwhile, some companies have tile and grout cleaners for ceramic floors, which can extend the life of this type of surface in much less time than required to do the job manually.

Not all floor surfaces in an office are hard – there’s also carpeting to be considered. Many commercial janitorial services can also accommodate this type of cleaning, using high-powered vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners that can restore the original look of the surface while removing any debris that is lost between the fibers.

Adding Equipment to Battle the Pandemic

Other commercial cleaning services have gone a step further in the effort to lower the risk of infections including COVID-19. More specifically, some janitorial cleaning services have invested in fogging machines that can distribute an approved disinfectant evenly over larger surfaces, including those that are hard to reach. As the name suggests, these adjustable machines release a “mist” that can safely coat surfaces and destroy pathogens, while following all safety protocols.

While fogging is not always the recommended approach in the workplace (it depends on the circumstances), commercial janitorial services can wipe down surfaces with the right cleaners and disinfectants – in the right amounts – that can help destroy viruses and other threats on common surfaces.

Commercial Cleaning Services Combine Equipment with Experience

Investing in a full range of cleaning equipment may not be in your budget. But more importantly, even if you do buy specialized commercial cleaning equipment, you still have to make the time and effort to learn how to safely use it, which can take away from productivity.

Learn what equipment is being used by janitorial cleaning services to keep your premises looking clean while also being disinfected from Arelli Cleaning.

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