How Can Kitchens in Workplaces Be Kept COVID Safe?
June 11, 2021

How Can Kitchens in Workplaces Be Kept COVID Safe?

If you have a workplace schedule that requires staff to be onsite for hours at a time, there’s a good chance you have an office kitchen. At the least, you probably have a kitchen nook with a microwave, coffee maker, and some utensils.

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While bringing in cleaning services in Cambridge to ensure all high traffic areas are properly sanitized is important to battle COVID-19, you will probably want to know how to do some of it yourself properly if you have shared kitchen.

Sanitize Hands and Kitchen Surfaces

Having hand sanitizer on the ready is a good move. Install some sanitizer at the entrance to the kitchen area, assuming it’s also the exit (if not, place more there.) That will ensure any viruses and bacteria doesn’t hitch a ride into or out the kitchen.

Handwashing is especially important in the kitchen. Have your team wash their hands before and after using the kitchen or preparing food. It’s also important to wipe down any surfaces where food will be by using antibacterial wipes or spray, which can also reduce the chance of getting sick from foodborne pathogens. Sanitize any used kitchen utensils and equipment. Make sure you also have the appropriate cleaning products.

Be sure to post these instructions in highly visible areas near the sink and preparation areas, and make sure people are adhering to the guidelines. Cleaning services in Cambridge will already have a well-established way of sanitizing your kitchen while taking proper precautions.

Limit The Capacity of the Kitchen

Another approach suggested by commercial cleaning services in Cambridge is to limit how many people use the kitchen at the same time. For example, instead of everyone in the office taking lunch or dinner break at the same time, you can stagger the times to limit capacity. You can also post instructions on the outside of the kitchen area instructing people that it’s one or two people at a time.

Make sure your staff is wearing masks in the kitchen area to avoid any droplets from sneezes and coughs landing on surfaces. You could also encourage your staff to bring food that doesn’t require heating or cooling to naturally cut down on kitchen use, or close the space altogether. Just keep in mind that staff will still need a place to eat safely in this case, otherwise they will need to go off-site to do so, which may not be ideal.

By following these relatively simple steps and hiring cleaning companies in Cambridge to clean your kitchens and other spaces, you can use them worry and germ-free! Learn more from Arelli.

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