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June 11, 2021

Health and Safety in the Workplace – Why Commercial Cleaning Plays an Important Role

A clean workplace is a healthier and safer workplace than one that isn’t. This has always been true, but as businesses and their employees navigate the impact of COVID-19 for months or years to come, the importance of cleanliness and the prevention of germ spread will forever be the top of everyone’s minds.

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Beyond handwashing and physical distancing, commercial cleaning services like the ones provided by Arelli Cleaning are more critical than ever to achieving healthy and safe operations by following the guidelines set out by Health Canada and the Center of Disease Control and Prevention in order to ensure its policies and procedures are up to date, no matter what commercial industry your business is in. We will stand by you and help you overcome the challenges put forward by COVID-19 and the new standards being put in place and updated frequently by all levels of government Health & safety.

As commercial cleaners in Mississauga and across the GTA, Arelli Cleaning is keeping up to date on all practices and protocols in all lines of business with enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols. While employees should understand the basic principles of the current level of safety needed, it’s not practical to turn every member of your team into a fulltime cleaner. You have a business to run. When you invest in commercial cleaning services your focus can stay on your business at hand. While you and your employees can maintain a proper level of safety in day to day business (handwashing, physical distancing, simple disinfecting of communal objects and spaces) we can provide the regular detailed disinfection you need for your entire workplace.

If the unfortunate situation arises where a case of COVID-19 is traced to a member of your staff or a customer who has come through your doors, deep disinfection is highly recommended. Because we know how critical maintaining your operating hours is, this deep disinfection can be completed quickly and effectively in disinfecting and sanitizing your entire premises so your doors don’t remain closed for long.

One of the methods used for disinfection is through fogging. This process involves supersaturating areas with a chemical disinfectant released as a fog or mist. This fogging helps cover all walls, the floor, and ceiling, as well as open surfaces in the area. Depending on the size of the area being disinfected, this process can be completed in just a couple of hours.

Some commercial cleaning services in Mississauga and other GTA areas will have a rotating cast of cleaners stopping by businesses, which is not ideal for contact tracing of COVID-19. Even before the start of the pandemic, Arelli Cleaning has been sending the same member or team to businesses to build a trusting relationship. Now more than ever that trust is paramount.

If you’re in need of regular commercial cleaning services, one-time detailed disinfection, deep disinfection, or chemical fogging? Talk to Arelli Cleaning for a complimentary quote today – commercial cleaners in Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, the GTA, and beyond are ready to help clean and disinfect your business.

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