Five Things to Look For When Your Office Cleaners are Done for the Day
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June 10, 2021

Five Things to Look For When Your Office Cleaners are Done for the Day

  1. Dust or dirt in the corners of the room and by the baseboards. This is an area that can get overlooked often, and if your office cleaners are making sure even the corners are cleaned every time, you can trust that they are cleaning your facility with care and attention and providing you with good office cleaning services.
  2. Fingerprints on the doorknobs.
  3. Another area often overlooked but very important to keep clean. Colds and flus spreading through the office will be minimized significantly if handles and doorknobs are cleaned regularly by your office cleaners commercial office cleaning crews. Even if employees who are sick wipe down a doorknob after touching it, they can help minimize the spread of germs even further.
  4. Garbages emptied.

This is a basic, easy and important job that should be completed every time your professional office cleaners visit your facility as well. Garbages piling up can attract bugs and rodents and it’s very easy to avoid by making sure your commercial cleaning crews are completing this step at every visit.

  1. Vacuumed and swept.

Professional office cleaners ensure floors are kept clean which can help you in so many ways. Not only visually and in respect to the health of you and your staff, but also with respect to how often your carpets and/or flooring needs to be replaced. If it is kept clean regularly than the ‘life’ of the floor is increased significantly.

  1. Bathrooms are sanitized, disinfected and kept clean.

Bathrooms are one of the most important areas to consider in office cleaning.

Bathroom supplies must be replenished, spot cleaning must be performed and you have to make sure your office cleaners are leaving nothing to be desired in that area.

If these few things are looked at and kept on top of by your office cleaners, you can be sure that your office space will have an atmosphere where anyone would want to work!

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