November 15, 2022


How can a Commercial Cleaning app help customers?

In a few ways; but the most important one is the ability to quickly and accurately communicate outstanding problems, and know what corrective action will take place, and when.

Knowing the cleaning schedule, outstanding invoices, entry and exit times for crew members, contract history and contact information are other features that could be helpful.

What is the Arelli Commercial Cleaning app?

Arelli’s commercial cleaning app combines the industry standard log book with a host of other crew and client facing features.

Integrated with Arelli’s own state of the art CRM system, it helps streamline critical and proven business processes which are key in offering sustained quality service for clients, and support for crew members and management staff alike

How does the Arelli Commercial Cleaning app help customers?

Among other available services, the Arelli app’s main feature is to help solve problems quickly by allowing clients and crews to engage in focused and supervised conversation.

Select concerns from a pre-populated menu and provide supporting information in the form of photos, videos, text or voice.

Hear back directly from crew members in the same format.

Will my phone number or email be used for communication purposes?

Absolutely not.

All communication is facilitated through our back-end system and save except for the address where the service is performed, no other contact information will be shared if you decide to use the app.  

Does a customer have to use the Arelli app?

Absolutely Not.

We are people offering commercial cleaning service to people.

We are available by phone, email, and for those who like texting and digital communication - through our virtual assistant on our website.

Using the app is completely optional for all customers.

Having said this, we truly hope you find value in using this app when you wish to do so.

How does the Arelli commercial Cleaning app help crew members?

The app will notify crew members when a customer reports a problem to the office - whether by phone, email or other means of communication.

Crew members will also be notified of improvement opportunities when Quality Control visits are performed by Arelli field staff.

Team members can see the details of the problems for all accounts in one place and address each one as required.

Enabling location services would also provide reminders for existing or new problems when crew members arrive at each facility.

Cleaning crew members can also use the app to report issues that needs attention, as well as report potential absences, and much more.

How does the Arelli Commercial Cleaning app help Arelli?

Good question!

The app helps our crews hear and see customer concerns immediately and gives them the opportunity to respond in kind whether the information is input by the client through the app, or by office staff from other sources of information.

We have promised to do our best and stand beside our customers and crew members.

Reducing response time and accuracy is one small step in that direction.

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June 6, 2024

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