Deep Disinfection and Sanitization
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June 10, 2021

Deep Disinfection and Sanitization

As the threat of coronavirus (COVID-19) continues, the need for commercial cleaning to help with sanitization and disinfection is higher than ever. That’s why Arelli Commercial Cleaning has gone the extra mile to make sure it plays its part to help combat this disease.

Standard processes included in regular commercial cleaning is considered effective to disinfect surfaces against viruses, yet COVID-19 has proved to be an uncanny one with the ability to stay potent for a considerable amount of time as we explained in our previous blogs and available here.

Wiping to disinfect and sanitize through standard office cleaning is a manual process which can leave small portions of the wiped surfaces exposed due to human error.

Additionally, any hard surfaces like paper, pens, other stationary, chairs or curtains, blinds, or other random objects in the office that sooner or later will be touched or can act as a base to accumulate of regular or micro droplets infected with viruses or germs.

Wiping and sanitizing these surfaces is either impossible due to the nature of the item (for example cloth), or would require substantial manual labour to do so on all vertical and horizontal surfaces in any building, office, medical facility, gym, school, public service or government buildings, house, restaurant, or any other building.

Also, who’s to say that these viruses are not recirculated through our air conditioning or heating system? What about those particles moving in the air? There’s a new article referring to the impact of Micro Droplets. See this article from Popular Mechanics Here.

How can you increase your odds in the fight against viruses including COVID-19?

By making sure the disinfectant can go wherever the virus can go – whether in the air or on any surface.
How is it done? By turning the disinfectant to a gas form and allowing it to find its way to where a normal sanitizing & wiping aren’t suited for the job. This is achieved through observing meticulous processes and standards in dispersing correct concentrations of disinfectants approved by Health Canada or the Environmental Protection Agency in the US.

Additionally, power spraying and consequent wiping of surfaces help take disinfection to the next level.

What Chemicals are Effective in the Battle Against COVID–19 and other germs?

There are many active ingredients that that form the formula of effective disinfectants. Here are a few that stand out:

  1. Dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid
  2. Hydrogen peroxide
  3. Chlorine dioxide
  4. Sodium hypochlorite
  5. Peroxyacetic acid
  6. Hypochlorous acid
  7. Quaternary ammonium
  8. Peracetic acid
  9. Ethanol
  10. Sodium hypochlorite

There are two sources to find out what chemicals can be effective in this process. Check out active ingredients in Health Canada’s List of Disinfectants here or if you can’t find them on the Canadian side, look up the Environmental Protection Agency’s List of Disinfectants here.

At Arelli office and commercial cleaning, we use the same chemicals and procedures used to disinfect against COVID-19 by:

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