Commercial Cleaning Pickering
May 23, 2023

Commercial Cleaning Pickering

Arelli Commercial Cleaning is a professional cleaning company dedicated to serving the Pickering community. Our team of highly trained professionals has been providing quality services to the area for many years.

We understand that a clean and safe environment is essential to ensuring the health and well-being of everyone, which is why we strive to provide top-notch cleaning services to our clients.

We specialize in commercial cleaning and offer a wide variety of services tailored to meet the needs of any business. Our experienced staff can handle all types of cleaning tasks, from basic janitorial services to more complex tasks such as window washing, floor waxing, carpet shampooing, and more.

We also use advanced techniques and products to ensure that your workplace is free from dirt, dust, germs, and allergens. With Arelli Commercial Cleaning, you can trust that your business will be in good hands.

The Benefits of Commercial Cleaning

Arelli Commercial Cleaning understands the importance of cost savings. We offer a range of commercial cleaning services in Pickering that can help reduce the cost of maintenance and labour.

Arelli Commercial Cleaning can provide improved hygiene and sanitation standards for businesses and commercial spaces in Pickering. Our services can help reduce the risk of infection, protect the health of employees, and improve customer satisfaction.

Arelli Commercial Cleaning offers services that can help improve productivity. Our services can reduce the amount of time needed for cleaning and maintenance, allowing businesses to focus their energy and resources on their core operations.

Cost Savings

The cost savings associated with commercial cleaning in Pickering are significant. Arelli Commercial Cleaning offers customers the opportunity to save money while still obtaining superior quality results.

Our services are designed to be efficient, effective, and thorough. We leverage the latest technologies and techniques while utilizing approved cleaning solutions to ensure exceptional results with minimal environmental impact.

By outsourcing commercial cleaning services in Pickering, businesses can reduce their overhead costs, as well as their labour expenses, allowing for greater financial flexibility and improved bottom line performance.

Furthermore, by engaging a professional service such as Arelli Commercial Cleaning, customers benefit from increased employee morale due to a cleaner working environment that is conducive to productivity and engagement.

All of these factors combine to create a substantial reduction in operational costs that can have a lasting effect on an organization’s financial stability and growth prospects.

Improved Hygiene

The importance of improved hygiene in the workplace cannot be overstated. Commercial cleaning services in Pickering provide an essential service to help ensure that businesses adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation.

A commercial cleaner in Pickering can help reduce the spread of disease, eliminate odours, and promote a healthy working environment for employees. Arelli Commercial Cleaning’s expert team uses proven techniques to thoroughly sanitize all areas of a facility and ensure that every corner is left sparkling.

Our comprehensive approach to commercial cleaning services also includes specialized treatments for high-traffic areas such as restrooms, lobbies, kitchens, break rooms, and other public spaces. We use only the best products designed specifically for commercial cleaning applications, so our customers can rest assured that their facility is being maintained with the utmost care.

With regular maintenance from Arelli Commercial Cleaning, businesses can be sure they are providing a safe and healthy working environment for their staff and customers alike.

Improved Productivity

The presence of a clean and well-maintained workplace can have a positive effect on the productivity of employees. With the help of a commercial cleaner and commercial cleaning services, businesses can be sure that their facilities are maintained to the highest standards and that any messes are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

A clean working environment helps to reduce distractions and leads to increased morale among employees, making them more productive in their roles. Moreover, improved hygiene also helps to prevent the spread of germs, which can lead to staff sickness and days off work.

Arelli Commercial Cleaning’s experienced team utilizes specialized techniques to keep all areas of your facility sparkling clean for optimal productivity.

Types of Cleaning Services Available

At Arelli Commercial Cleaning, we provide office cleaning services to ensure your workplace is kept clean and tidy.

Our services include:

  • dusting and polishing surfaces
  • vacuuming floors
  • cleaning windows and bathrooms
  • and more

We also offer carpet cleaning services to help maintain the look and feel of your carpets, as well as janitorial services to provide a full-service cleaning package for your business.

Office Cleaning

Arelli Commercial Cleaning offers office cleaning services to ensure a clean and comfortable environment for employees, customers, and clients. Our experienced team of professional cleaners uses the latest equipment and techniques to efficiently clean all types of offices.

We specialize in dusting, vacuuming, window cleaning, floor polishing, restroom sanitation, and more. Our team can also perform deep cleaning services such as carpet shampooing and strip and wax.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service at an affordable price. We understand that businesses have different needs when it comes to their facility maintenance needs; therefore, we are willing to customize our services based on their individual requirements.

Arelli Commercial Cleaning is committed to providing excellent customer service and satisfaction, ensuring that your office is always spotless.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is an important part of any office's maintenance needs. Arelli Commercial Cleaning has the necessary tools to thoroughly clean carpets and upholstery, removing dirt and debris that can cause long-term damage if left unchecked.

We use a variety of professional-grade equipment and cleaning solutions to ensure your carpets are properly cared for. Our team understands the importance of maintaining clean carpets and will take the time to ensure all areas are cleaned effectively.

We also use special stain removal products to remove tough stains or odours where required, leaving your carpets looking as good as new. Our carpet cleaning services provide a comprehensive solution that ensures your office is always looking its best.

Janitorial Services

In addition to carpet cleaning, Arelli Commercial Cleaning also offers comprehensive janitorial services. Our team of experienced professionals can take care of all your office cleaning needs, from daily dusting and sweeping to more in-depth deep cleans.

We use only the highest quality products and equipment to ensure that every area of your office is properly sanitized and sparkling clean. Our janitorial services are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client, ensuring that their individual needs are met.

We understand how important a clean office space is for businesses, so we work hard to provide the best possible service and results.

Hiring Professional Cleaners

When it comes to commercial cleaning in Pickering, hiring professional cleaners can be an excellent investment. Professional cleaners are well-versed in the best practices for cleaning and sanitization, as well as knowledgeable about safety protocols.

They use specialized equipment and products that provide superior results while being mindful of environmental impacts. Furthermore, they are reliable and efficient, providing a consistent level of cleanliness that will keep your business looking great at all times.

At Arelli Commercial Cleaning, we understand the importance of having a clean and safe environment for your staff and customers. That’s why we have developed a comprehensive range of services tailored to suit any budget or requirement.

With our experienced professionals, you can rest assured knowing that your commercial space is always spotless.

Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

At Arelli Commercial Cleaning, we use the best products and equipment available to ensure that our cleaning services are of the highest standard. Our team is trained in the proper use of the latest technologies, such as advanced vacuums and top-of-the-line cleaning agents.

We also pay special attention to safety protocols, so you can rest assured that your business is in good hands. Our staff is equipped with the necessary tools to guarantee a thorough clean every time.

With our quality supplies and state-of-the-art equipment, you can trust that your commercial space will be sparklingly clean with minimal effort on your part.

Finding a Reputable Cleaning Company

  1. It is highly recommended to check references when seeking out a reputable cleaning company; these references should include past and current customers.
  2. Experienced staff should be a priority when selecting a commercial cleaning company; Arelli Commercial Cleaning has a highly trained and knowledgeable staff with years of experience in the industry.
  3. Price comparison is also important when selecting a cleaning company; Arelli Commercial Cleaning offers competitive rates and pricing packages to ensure our customers get the best value for their money.

Experienced Staff

The success of a commercial cleaning service is attributed to the experience of its staff. Arelli Commercial Cleaning understands that well-trained and knowledgeable staff are essential for providing high quality services.

In order to guarantee a satisfactory outcome, it is important that the cleaning company has staff with extensive knowledge in areas such as safety protocols, proper cleaning techniques, and product usage. Ensuring that all cleaners are experienced in the field will ensure that they can use the best practices when handling tasks.

Furthermore, experienced staff can provide valuable advice regarding maintenance schedules and more efficient ways to clean certain areas. Investing in experienced personnel is an investment worth making, as it ensures consistent results from each job performed by the cleaning company.

Ensuring Quality Cleaning Services

At Arelli Commercial Cleaning, inspections are regularly conducted to ensure quality standards are being met. Training is provided to staff to ensure they are well-versed in the latest techniques.

Quality supplies are used to ensure the highest level of cleanliness. By adhering to these standards, we ensure our clients are receiving the best quality of service.


Arelli Commercial Cleaning is committed to providing the highest quality cleaning services for our clients. We understand that inspections play an integral role in the process of ensuring a high level of cleanliness and satisfaction.

We strive to provide thorough examinations of all areas prior to beginning any cleaning service project. Our inspection process includes detailed, comprehensive assessments of each area to be addressed as well as a review of any special instructions or requirements provided by the client.

We are confident that this approach helps us ensure that all aspects of the job are taken care of properly, efficiently, and to the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

We take pride in delivering reliable, consistent service every time.


At Arelli Commercial Cleaning, we recognize the importance of providing reliable, high-quality services to our clients. To ensure that our team members are properly trained, we have developed a comprehensive training program. This program covers all aspects of cleaning tasks and procedures, as well as safety protocols and best practices. As part of this program, our employees receive hands-on instruction in the use of specialized equipment and materials.

Furthermore, each employee is provided with ongoing education to maintain their proficiency and keep them up-to-date with any new technologies or techniques that may be available. Through our commitment to training, we are able to provide reliable and consistent service every time.


In addition to comprehensive training and ongoing education, Arelli Commercial Cleaning is committed to providing the best quality cleaning services possible. To this end, we make sure to use only the highest quality supplies that comply with all industry standards.

Our cleaning products are carefully selected for their effectiveness and safety, while our equipment is designed for maximum efficiency and durability. This commitment to quality ensures that our clients receive the best results possible.

Arelli Commercial Cleaning Services Pickering Is the One to Choose

Arelli Commercial Cleaning provides businesses with a range of professional cleaning services. From deep cleaning to janitorial maintenance, their experienced staff is equipped to handle all kinds of commercial cleaning needs.

With competitive rates and quality assurance, Arelli Commercial Cleaning is the perfect choice for businesses looking for reliable and efficient service. By investing in professional commercial cleaning services, businesses can save time and money while ensuring that their premises remain hygienic and aesthetically pleasing.

Arelli Commercial Cleaning's extensive experience in the industry means they can provide customers with an unsurpassed level of service no matter the size or scope of the job. With their commitment to excellence, businesses can rest assured that their commercial spaces will be kept clean and tidy at all times.

Arelli is proud to offer services for commercial cleaning in Pickering, Oshawa, Brampton, and Mississauga. We understand that each business has its own unique needs, and we are committed to providing the best possible service to our customers. We are dedicated to providing a high level of service, and we remain dedicated to our customers’ needs.

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