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June 10, 2021

A Clean Office Means Healthy Employees

Having a clean office is so important for the general happiness and mood of the employees and clients you deal with on a daily basis. However, this is not the only reason to have good office cleaners. Another significant reason to make sure your office cleaners provide you with the highest quality of cleaning is for the health and well being of those entering your facility.

Germs collect in all sorts of places that you might not even think about on a regular basis. Doorknobs, phones, and chair handles are a few places that your office janitors should be making sure are cleaned on a very regular basis. Every time a cleaning day is scheduled, whether it’s once every two weeks for a smaller office with less employees and clients, or if you have your office cleaners in every day for a larger facility with more people coming and going, these places should be kept clean and well maintained.

The consequences of letting these things slide may not show up visibly in the workplace, but when your employees start calling in sick more regularly, or a cold or flu spreads like wildfire through the office, these are signs that maybe your office cleaners are not on top of all areas of their cleaning requirements. Not only does this affect your employees’ health, but the clients and potential clients that frequent your workplace may not return if they are getting sick or just generally not feeling the best after leaving your office.

These are just a few reasons that taking the few seconds it takes to wipe down a doorknob and other areas frequently touched by multiple people makes such a difference in the office and will only benefit you if it’s kept on top of.

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