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June 10, 2021

Carpet Cleaning in Cambridge

With all the water we’ve had lately in Cambridge, those carpets are starting to look a little dingy from all the wet footprints treading on them. Not to mention the mildew smell coming from them! If your office or commercial building is located in downtown Galt, you are even more liable to be experiencing this with all the flooding we had last month. It’s a perfect time of year for a good, deep carpet clean. You owe a professional carpet cleaning to your office staff! Having a dependable office cleaner to ensure the carpets stay in good shape consistently will ensure they will have to be replaced less often. This will not only help financially, but think of all that is involved with getting new carpets. All the equipment and desks that would need to be moved and possibly even having to shut down for a day to get it all done. If you can avoid this by just having reliable janitorial services to make sure that the day to day office cleaning is kept on top of, then you won’t even have to think about getting a deep clean so often.

At Arelli, this is the type of commercial cleaning service we strive to provide our clients with. We don’t want you to have to think or worry about what needs to be done next. Just rely on our office cleaners to take on that responsibility as that is our specialty! We love what we do and carpet cleaning is just one of our many areas of expertise in the realm of commercial cleaning.

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