Business Offices turn to Arelli to help them take down Omicron’s grip
January 26, 2022

Business Offices turn to Arelli to help them take down Omicron’s grip

The Omicron variant is the easiest and most highly spread mutation of COVID-19 thus far, making public spaces more dangerous than ever. But many workplaces and commercial necessities are serving daily for the health of our economy and people. So how do we stay safe and stay in business?

COVID-Conscious Cleaning

Basic hygiene has been topical for the past two years, but basic is a liability for employers at this point with the Omicron variant. From surfaces to cellular disruption in record time, especially for those without a vaccine, this variant requires professional office cleaning services as a basic workplace necessity.

High Priority Surfaces and When They Need Cleaning

Business offices are often considered a Group D occupancy: retail, media, software, banking, publishing and training centres are examples that fall into a category with a relatively high daily occupancy rate. Therefore, regular COVID-conscious cleaning is necessary for these spaces, with some exceptions. If the area hasn’t been occupied for more than seven days, normal routine cleaning would apply as the SARS-CoV-2 virus has not been shown to survive on surfaces beyond this time.

These surfaces will include:

● All Door Knobs

● Tables

● Fridge and Microwave Handles

● Countertops

● Light Switches

● Faucets and Sinks

● Vending Machine Buttons

● Phones

● Washrooms

● Toilets

● All other routinely touched surfaces

Why Specialty Office Cleaners Are Most Important

The frequency of cleaning is only half the battle of bacteria, it is also crucial to be using the most effective cleaning solutions. Soap and water will pass for hands and low touch areas, but a Health Canada approved cleaner is overwhelmingly necessary for medium to high occupancy areas. Arelli has partnered with ECOLAB to ensure all crew members are using a Health Canada approved cleaner and disinfectant. As of the date of this policy, the Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner 14543 (DIN 02342820) is the benchmark for performance. This chemical allows cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing of surfaces in one step.

Who Are You Going to Call?

In areas that are already high occupancy, adding more people to the mix and at the busiest times of your day can act as a counter-intuitive sanitary measure. So what policies are most effective to get clean with also getting work done? First ensure a pre-cleaning policy is in place to set you and the cleaning team up for success upon arrival. Arelli’s prior to presence policy includes regular and comprehensive check-ins with staff health to ensure the safety of our people and yours. This includes physiology, temperature, travel notice, and proximity debrief before sending staff out. Once on-site, masks, PPE, hygiene and distance regulations are established among cleaning and in-office staff. Plus, Arelli assigns the same cleaning crew members to your locations for each clean so you can build trust and confidence in the health of your teams and spaces.

Remember, effective commercial cleaning services should offer a deep clean upon initial visit and a thorough clean for all visible surfaces and often neglected areas thereafter. Select office cleaning services that offer ging as an option to increase the efficacy and efficiency of the disinfection process by extending the clean. A COVID-conscious office clean is an essential measure in 2022 and beyond to keep your business, staff and the economy thriving as we work toward a healthier tomorrow.

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