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June 10, 2021

Building Good Working Relationships, and Your Bottom Line

As individuals we are naturally social beings. Friendships and progressive connections that build relationships become essential, just as our need for food and water. So, wouldn’t you agree that the better our relationships are at work, the happier and more productive we’re going to be?

Building and supporting good working relationships start with communication — it is the key to a positive workplace. Good communication makes it possible to address problems or concerns with more ease when they surface. If communication isn’t clear people could become unhappy. Unhappiness will impact productivity, service, and satisfaction. Communication creates positive relationships; all businesses can promote positive relationships between managers, employees and clients by encouraging a team-based atmosphere.

Executing a strong missions statement that includes a focus for its people and their clients can guide the organization to set clear expectations, exercise continuous communication and offer the proper responses to positive behaviour as well as any issues or concerns from employees or clients.

Here at Arelli, we have made it our duty to put the people first. We do this by looking for people who value the same thing, because it makes managing our business simple and it leads to happy clients. Our mission statement includes:

“We maintain a flat organization so that everybody realizes how their contributions affect our customers and their bottom lines. So that everybody knows and takes responsibility for their scope of work. Whether it’s a crew member, customer service staff, sales, operations, or even our accounting staff, we all have a stake in the company’s success and it shows in our relationships with our customers.”

What this means is that people are the core of our company, so no matter what role is played for the business, we are considered equals and everybody matters. This ultimately allowed us to achieve great relationships between our co-workers and especially with our customers.

We at Arelli pride ourselves in our ability to establish and maintain great working relationships. Relationships that enable us to provide our customers with quality commercial cleaning services throughout the GTA.

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