Top 10 Ways to Reduce Cleaning Cost at Your Facility
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June 10, 2021

Top 10 Ways to Reduce Cleaning Cost at Your Facility

Budgeting cleaning cost is desirable to limit the operational expense. While most people focus their attention on reducing labor expenditure, curtailing the cost of cleaning supplies is another significant way of reducing cleaning costs. Here are some practical and easy to implement tips on keeping commercial cleaning costs under the limit.

1) Do Not Buy Products Off the Counter Just to Test Them

Swanky bottles dressed in flashy covers neatly arranged in super-markets are tempting for sure. But resist shopping them if you just want to test them out. If you really want to test them, request for a sample from the manufacturer or distributor, they will be happy lend you a free sample.

2) Buy Quality Products

Sourcing high-quality products, even if they are slightly expensive is a cost-effective proposition. Good products are more effective, last longer, and are easier to use.

3) Buy in Bulk

The five-gallon packs are usually sold at a steep discount. So, if you are sure of the quality of the product, it would be a good idea to buy them in bulk and save money.

4) Use the Products and Equipment Carefully

Train your cleaning staff to use the cleaning solutions only as required and handle the cleaning equipment carefully. When handled and stored carefully, your equipment will last longer and require less maintenance expense.

5) Utilize the Power of Green

Many researchers have found that green cleaning products are more effective and versatile. A single green cleaning product can efficiently handle the work of several traditional products. This means, when you use green cleaning products, you won’t have to stock up multiple products and hence you can save on costs. Also, green cleaning products are safer to use for the workers and also for the environment.

6) Use Central Bins

You can place central bins, instead of one at every desk. Emptying bins is a time-consuming task. So, by reducing the number of bins, you can save both time and money on your office cleaning.

7) Avoid Clutter and Reduce Waste

Encourage your employees to generate less waste, this helps the environment and makes cleaning so much easier. Also, request them to keep their desk organized so that the cleaners can perform their duties quickly, easily, and efficiently.

8) Have the Right Equipment

You can significantly enhance the quality of cleaning and also reduce the cleaning time by using appropriate cleaning equipment. Do not cut cost here as using old and dilapidated equipment will make the cleaners to work longer and harder, making your cleaning budget move northwards.

9) Hire a Professional Commercial Cleaning Service Provider

Taking help of an experienced and reputed commercial cleaning service provider may seem to be an expensive idea at the outset, but it is, in fact, an economical one. Professional service companies have great experience in cleaning and maintaining office. They will keep your office sanitized and hygienically clean. Your workers will perform better as they can focus their attention on work and not bother about cleaning and will also fall less sick because of the hygienic atmosphere they receive in the office. Your office will look impressive and your clients and associates will feel good about working with you. Your business profitability will also grow as a result.

10) Limit Your Budget for Professional Cleaning

There are various ways you can limit your professional cleaning cost. For instance, you can specify the number of days in a week you want your office to be cleaned, the number of hours needed for your office cleaning, limit window cleaning frequency, and any other specification as per your requirements. At Arelli Cleaning, we offer our clients customized packages for commercial cleaning. After carefully analyzing the client’s budget and cleaning specifications, we design a budget that best matches with our client’s requirements. Money saved is money earned. Limiting cleaning budget is a healthy way to reduce operational costs and increase business profitability. Follow the tips and also analyze the situations in your own office to come up with your own ideas to reduce your office cleaning expense.

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