What to Remember While Sanitizing a Shared Work Desk
June 11, 2021

What to Remember While Sanitizing a Shared Work Desk

Not all companies have their employees sitting in individual cubicles. Some allow multiple workers to be at a longer table at once if it’s safe, or use the space in a rotating way (different times) for various employees. These types of desks are also popular in coworking spaces, bringing people from different companies together.

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Having a bigger desk can be a positive in many ways. For example, it could help with the collaborative nature of a business to discuss new ideas. It can also provide a larger workspace so staff can spread out their electronics and notes for easier access. But while the shared desk is bigger, the amount of cleaning required goes with it, and that’s where cleaning services in Hamilton can save you time and effort.

However, while you should rely on regular visits from office cleaning in Hamilton to clean all common areas of your business space, there are certain steps you should follow if you’re doing some of the maintenance yourself (that goes beyond a quick sanitizing wipe across the surface.)

Remove and Clean Non-Permanent Items First

You should start by removing any mobile electronics from the surface. Unplug larger computers that are more permanently wired in (make sure you shut them down properly first, and save any unfinished work.) Be sure to use the appropriate products to kill germs on a keyboard, mouse, or even a computer monitor. Don’t use paper towel to dry screens, as they can actually scratch the surface.

Chances are your staff has pens, staplers, and other office equipment on the desk as well as electronics. It’s a good idea to wipe each of those down individually with an antibacterial wipe, especially if a new group is going to be using them soon. Conversely, you can use soap and water if it’s easier and doesn’t damage the item.

If you have a visit from commercial cleaning services in Hamilton booked, keep in mind they might not be able to move items from the desk surface. So remove any unnecessary clutter first to ensure a properly cleaned desk.

Sanitize The Shared Desk Carefully

Before tackling the shared desk itself, be sure to dust it off with a damp cloth (so it bonds better with the dust and avoids tossing it into the air.) Then you can continue with the antibacterial wipes, or use an approved cleaning spray from cleaning services in Hamilton on the desk’s surface. Let the surface dry before using it again.

If you have a shared work desk or two, make your life easier and your office safer with office cleaning in Hamilton that has the right knowledge and products to sanitize every corner. Learn more about the benefits of partnering with commercial cleaning services in Hamilton from Arelli.

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